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8 Easy and Sober Alternatives to Bikinis

8 Easy and Sober Alternatives to Bikinis

Amidst the 100-degree boiling temperature, name one human being on earth who doesn’t feel like going to some sexy beach and have fun playing with refreshing ocean waves coming and going. Your deepest desires are that pool parties should never come to an end and you should get to stay in water forever. Though, a

20 Sexiest Movies to Watch With Your Crush

They say that movies are a world removed from reality but there are some who argue with that. No matter what you say about movies, we all have to agree that they have an influence on our lives even if you are not conscious of it making a difference. It is because there is something

20 Most Flirty Dialogues From Movies

Movies offer us so much; escape from reality, entertainment, inspiration, a different point of view and fashions galore. But sometimes it is odd but we only remember the words that were spoken because though we are not conscious of it, but words carry a lot of weight. In this article, we will look at the

20 Mother-Daughter Relationship Quotes

Mothers and daughters have such a weird and complex relationship that it is not easy to describe in easy terms. The fact is that any man would be stumped by the seemingly simmering cauldron of emotions that seem to exist between a mother and daughter. There is a lot of tension and criticism no doubt,

20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends And Family

We hear people go on and on about how Christmas and the festive season has become so crass and commercial but the fact remains that there is something special about this season. The season brings a lot of anticipation in terms of the way we decorate our homes and place of work, the way we