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What Causes Ridges In Fingernails? How To Treat It

What Causes Ridges In Fingernails? How To Treat It

Are you one of those people who believes health and fashion have no links between the two? If you are, then you should rethink your logic because we believe that being healthy is the biggest fashion statement you can make. There is no way are you going to pull off looking glamorous with bad hair,

Pretty And Playful Peter Pan Collar Dresses

We often associate collars with formal dressing but this norm is broken by Peter Pan collars. These collars are not your standard stiff collars whose duty seems to be to close the neck and provide a nice frame for the tie. In contrast to the normal collar, the Peter Pan collar lies flat and has

40 Ways To Look Perfect In Flounce Dresses

Flounces are something that have earned a lot of negative publicity and bad press because they are considered frivolous and even sometimes as a waste of fabric. This bad reputation has further been cemented with the way the vapid female characters in movies are shown as wearing dresses with a ridiculous amount of flounces and

40 Disney Look Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

Hair is indeed the crowning glory of a woman’s beauty and thereby needs to be treated with the care and love that it deserves. Having said that, you also need to balance the health of the hair with the coloring and styling as well. The thing is girls and women tend to go overboard when

20 Sexiest Movies to Watch With Your Crush

They say that movies are a world removed from reality but there are some who argue with that. No matter what you say about movies, we all have to agree that they have an influence on our lives even if you are not conscious of it making a difference. It is because there is something