Try As Many New Looks As You Can In 2017 (Start With These 40 Outfits)

Try As Many New Looks As You Can In 2017 (Start With These 40 Outfits)

When the new year comes around, we have the habit of making many noble resolutions ranging right from work related matters to health and money related matters. We think while we need to go for as many high impact resolutions as possible, it is also important to work on the way we look. And since this is indeed a style and fashion site, we give you some ideas that will urge you to try as many new looks as you can in 2017. For instance, you can learn how to wear a slip dress and learn to rock the look. Once you master this or even before you master this art, why don’t you look at ways how to look expensive on a budget?

Try the torn and faded jeans along with short t-shirt showing off a hint of midriff along with a long floral shrug.

Off-shoulder blouse with vertical stripes tucked into your trimly fitted jeans.

Short and fitted sleeveless black leather dress with strappy sandals.

Short floral short, plain black blouse tucked in with a long dark but bright cardigan.

Try As Many New Looks As You Can In 2017

Low waist faded jeans with a mock neck sweater that shows off a hint of your trim waist.

Short shorts with a knotted blouse along with a camouflage print shirt left open along with ankle boots.

Torn jeans and tucked short along with denim jacket that has long puffed sleeves in pink.

Deep v necked top in black with simple jeans and shoes with pointed fronts.

The idea is to get you started on your new year with some great ideas for new looks that will put a spring in your step. For instance, we feel that when you try as many new looks as you can in a particular period of time, it does lift your mood like nothing else does. And there are many joys to be had in this line of thinking as you may come across such gems as playful but official looking bow front dresses.

Loose white shirt tucked into jeans with a dark jacket on top.

Loose turtleneck sweater with black jeans and leather jacket along with high-heeled boots.

Black leather pants along with plain white t-shirt along with a loose and long floral shrug in white and brown.

Simple statement shirt with bicycle print (or something else) tucked into dark jeans with beige shoes.

Short pinafore dress in white that almost looks as if it belongs on a school girl but not quite.

Blue cutoff sweater with a pink a line skirt of medium length with blue platform shoes.

Loose bellbottomed formal black pants with a turtleneck sweater tucked in along with flat shoes.

Geometric print skirt in blue, black and white with a blue blouse.

Olive green pleated skirt in retro style with maroon top and a bow of the same green at the neck.

White floral dress of medium length topped by a white jacket and kitten heels.

A beige short skirt with a matching sweater tucked in along with black shoes.

Short lacy dress made to look a bit more butch with a denim jacket.

Black leggings, black sweater along with a long jacket and a nice pair of black sneakers.

Floral belted dress with platform shoes.

Strappy bodycon dress in a beige color that looks anything but dull along with laced up calf length boots.

Cutout black top and loose pants along with a badass band on the forehead.

Chocolate overload with a brown skirt and blouse of the same dress along with a jacket that has a brown lining.

A stretchy sleeveless t-shirt tucked into jeans that lets move about freely with statement shoes.

Brown suit of a light color topped with a overcoat of a similar color.

Off-shoulder flowing dress in light colors along with those lovely shoes to die for.

Slim long-sleeved t-shirt with fitted jeans along with light colored sneakers that will ensure that you are ready to face your day with ease.

Lacy top with black jeans and long boots.

Slinky and shiny bodycon dress with no-nonsense jacket to show others that you mean business along with shoes that match the dress.

Loose pants with striped t-shirt and long and loose jacket.

Shiny velvet one-piece body suit with stilettos that will have everyone gawking.

Let your curves shine through with some cleavage to keep things interesting along with a light jacket and hardly there strapped sandals.

Dungarees in light blue with a striped t-shirt inside.

Dark tight jeans and dark sweater along with light knee-length boots.

Short black leather shorts and a loose white shirt and seriously strappy shoes.

Black jeans, striped t-shirt and red jacket along with a matching hat.

Half tucked in loose top with dark pants along with some simple strapped stilettos.

Show off those faded and torn jeans with a nice white shirt and blingy jacket and shoes that are also attention catchers in their own ways.