How To Tuck Roll Cuff Shirts And Jeans

How To Tuck Roll Cuff Shirts And Jeans

Sometimes the way you look is not just dependent on the kind of clothing that you wear but also the way you present these garments on you. For instance, many of us know organic and correct ways wear a flare jeans, but if you do not know how to tuck roll cuff shirts and jeans then you may not pull off the look well. This may also be a way to refine the ultimate ways to wear a shirt with jeans and come up with newer looks to try. The thing is today most of us almost live in jeans and shirts as it is both a smart and comfortable look to go with. Even the ones who go to work tend to wear jeans to work as long as they do not have any formal occasions and appointments scheduled for the day.

This article on how to tuck roll cuff shirts and jeans will also probably clear out doubts and let you learn about the best ways to wear skinny jeans.

How To Tuck Roll Cuff Shirts And Jeans

The J Crew look: Start with sleeves with buttons open, roll the cuff up to about two times the width of the cuff, roll again towards the cuff bottom and then roll once more to ensure that the top of the cuff can still be seen.

Layers roll: If you are wearing layers, then start with both the sleeves unrolled and unbuttoned. Roll the outer layer higher and push it up. Then fold the inner sleeves with the cuff on top of the folded upper layer.

Simple layering: Simply pull out the cuff of the lower layer and fold it on top of the upper layer.

Scrunch and roll: Unbutton, fold and roll up. Then scrunch and tug the corner up for a more casual look.

Simple and classic roll: Simply unbutton and fold up the cuff upwards keeping to the length of the cuff for the fold and do it till you get the length you want.

Scrunch and roll: Simply scrunch up the layer of the sweater or cardigan and then neatly roll the sleeve underneath to show the cuff at the top.

Shirt tuck at waist in the front only: The front only tuck looks easy and casual while still being chic.

Tuck and roll center: Gather a loose t-shirt or top from all sides and tuck it in the front to look smart.

Long skirt with side knotted shirt: You can try to pull the t-shirt hem to one side and knot it in combination with a long skirt.

For a shorter torso: Wear low-rise jeans, generally tuck the shirt in, add a belt, long necklace and a long layer top layer to make it look better.

The boyfriend t-shirt tuck: Roll up the sleeves to make it the right length, and then gather and tuck in the hem loosely especially at the center to avoid that baggy look.

Tie down shirt: You can also tie a loose shirt by the shirttails in the middle for a stylish look.

Gather and tuck: To avoid a baggy and clumsy look, gather the shirt in the center and then tuck after which you can make the area look neater with a wide belt.

Half tuck: Loose and baggy sweaters can be made to look more shapely by half tucking them in the front.

Cuffing the jeans: You can either do a large roll, two or three small rolls or two- three large rolls depending on the look you want to have for the day.

Half cuff: Ensuring that the hem of the jeans shows on top of the fold is a cool way to rock the boyfriend jeans.

Baggy jeans tucked into high boots: Fold the jeans in a large and long fold and then fold it sidewise to make it narrow and tuck it neatly into the boots.

How to tuck jeans: The general rule is one roll for flat footwear, two rolls for ankle boots, slouchy for heels, pegged hem for boyfriend jeans with heels, skinny jeans only with high boots, and platform footwear with flared jeans.