25 Fashionably Right Choker Necklace Outfits

25 Fashionably Right Choker Necklace Outfits

Did you know choker necklaces seem to have more implications than seems obvious? Apparently, there are several different views about what a choker means. This ranges from weird cultural norms to showing off a certain sexual orientation. However, while we will be touching upon these to a certain extent, we will also be looking at fashionable right choker necklace outfits. We are going to be talking about this aspect because we have noticed over the ages that the choker has added a certain extra fashionable touch to a woman’s looks. After all, many of the best candid shots of brides and bridal sarees do seem to feature chokers showing off the delicate beauty of the bride’s neck. In case you did not know, a choker is a necklace or strap that is worn flush against the neck making it almost looks as if the jewelry or clothing is choking the wearer.

Fashionably Right Choker Necklace Outfits

Which means in essence, you can wear a choker gracefully only if your neck is shaped for it. Those of you who are feeling bad about not having the neck size or shape for wearing chokers, do not feel that way and learn how long necklaces add grace and elegance to your ensemble. Learning to work with fashionable right choker necklace outfits can help you come up with some sexy outfits to try this year. Do ensure that you wear a choker necklace that it is comfortable and does not cause you to fiddle around with it. This not only looks bad, but can also affect the delicate skin of your neck. And do make it a point to carefully pick out the right size choker to ensure that your neck does not bulge above or below the choker.

Wear lace like chokers: Though some seem to think that wearing a lace like choker seems to show the world that your sexual orientation is towards your own gender, this is a nice touch to add to your outfit. It draws the attention of the onlooker to the long and delicate lines of your neck and looks graceful if you do not overdo other aspects of your outfit.

Jeweled chokers work too: These look grand too especially if you are able to lay your hands on the real thing. But we all know that precious metals and precious stones can be pretty costly and not everyone can afford to buy and wear a jeweled choker. But if you are going for one that is imitation stones and metals, make sure that you pick one that looks good in the sense that it is not overly shiny or garish.

Plain band chokers: These have a double purpose of keeping your warm and making your ensemble looking smarter. You can combine a plain band choker with a few choice long chains to provide a nice contrast to the way you are dressed and make your outfit look a big different. A longer chain or necklace with a dull finish can be made to look more attractive with the use of a plain band choker either in a dark color or in a color that matches your dress.

Cloth chokers with metal studs: This again seems to imply something around your sexual orientation either having loose morals or in to sadomasochism to the onlooker. But do not worry, there have been many women who over the ages have worn the cloth choker with metal studs and made it look classy. The only caution that we leave you with here is that you need to again ensure that the metal studs are not overdone and that they have a sober note.