40 Stylish Boat Neck Outfit Ideas

40 Stylish Boat Neck Outfit Ideas

Fashion trends every year or season dictate what body part is considered the more sexy for that period with the whole range of assorted body parts having their turn at one time or another. We all (by this we mean, those who are into fashion) follow this avidly, but the one body part that will always be appealing is the neck. There is something about a girl or woman’s neck that shows off her femininity with subtle yet powerful charm that never goes out of fashion. That is why this article is going to about one of those neck style options that will make the most of this lovely feature without going overboard into dangerous territory into cleavage area – the boat neck. Some may mistakenly accuse the boat neck of being a commitment freak, which does not commit to plunging fully but also does not offer as much coverage as the turtleneck. However, levity aside, the boat neck is both stylish and appealing without going overboard, an option that we need at many assorted occasions in our life. You have to have at least a couple of beautiful and elegant boat neck dresses in our wardrobe for such occasion.

Stylish Boat Neck Outfit Ideas

We know that it does not project the raw sexual appeal that sexy slash neck dresses to leave them gasping for more but that does not make the boat neck outfit any less appealing. The thing about deeper necklines is that they work very well for night time activities like parties or dinner dates but the daytime outfits have to be a bit more subtle than that. Which is why stylish boat neck outfit ideas come in handy when it comes lovely day time date outfits or outfits for any other occasions in the day time.

For lack of a better definition, just think of the long and tapering at the end shape of a boat and you will know what we mean by boat neck. Not only can you buy tops for a pair of jeans and skirt with a boat neck, you can find entire dresses with this neck. It ensures that it frames your face, tender neck, the lovely ears (and earrings) along with the collar bones and the necklace you are wearing but without plunging too low. The one disadvantage that some people may point out when it comes boat neck dresses or outfits is that it can slip to one side and end up exposing your bra strap, which may be something that you may not like. But there is a simple way to work around with this problem; which is you either sew in a small strap that will hold your bra strap in place or simply pin the bra strap to the sides from within.

This neck style is so versatile that you can add a little bit of interesting cleavage if you want, by having a cut down the middle, but do ensure that it is not too deep or the top may not stay on. The thing about boat neck outfits is that it can work on something as casual as the tops, blouses or sweaters you wear with jeans and also a formal dress that you can wear to the office. In fact, the boat neck is a feature that many brides choose for their wedding gowns. Many women also include this feature in their evening gowns and party frocks for the simple, subtle but immensely sensual appeal they project without going too far down the cleavage path.

Which is why, when you are faced with the difficult choice of balancing the need to look sexy and attractive, but without exposing too much in the neck area, go with boat neck outfits.