How To Wear A Slip Dress? Learn To Rock The Look

How To Wear A Slip Dress? Learn To Rock The Look

There are certain dresses that leave us befuddled and the slip dress is one of them. For many of us it becomes difficult to define whether this outfit is a slip or a dress and the confusion becomes even more obvious when one can see that it can be worn as both. In this article, we will look at how to wear a slip dress and before we do, we would like to clarify that the slip dress as the name suggests is a dress that looks very much like the slip. Its resemblance to the petticoat that is worn under a dress is what gives this dress its name. You have to explore and study the sexy world of slip dresses to know what we mean.

The slip dress cannot be worn just like that and it will need a certain amount of preparation to wear in style. So do count it as one of the weekend ready looks to try this year especially when the weather permits you to do so. The slip dress should definitely feature as one of the 19 types of dresses every woman should know about.

How To Wear A Slip Dress?

If you are thinking this. Then do read on to learn how to wear a slip dress:

Prepare the bod: The slip dress is a barely there kind of dress even in a simple form and many of them are often made even more revealing with the use of lace panels at strategic places. It is short in most instances and even it if it longer, it is no less revealing. It clings to the body like no other dress and is unforgiving in the way it reveals your shape. Which means the first step for preparing to don a slip dress is to get your body in shape.

Groom and style: Since the skin show is going to be pretty high in a slip dress, it is a good idea to prepare your skin by grooming it well. This should include cleansing, hair removal and moisturizing to ensure that your skin has that radiant look. What is more, the slip dress also needs you to style your hair, nails and makeup well. This is essential to ensure that you look awesome in the slip dress.

Wear it with unconcern: Now that you have worked on preparing your body and done the grooming and styling bit, you should don the dress with a lot of enthusiasm. It is not a good idea to don a dress like this and then pull and fidget with it as it will negate the purpose of wearing a dress like this.

Add a few touches: In case you feel conscious of the skin show you will be making with such a dress in spite of all your preparations, it is a good idea to wear a blouse of top underneath making it look like a tunic or pinafore. This may lessen the magical effect that you are hoping to create by wearing a daring outfit like slip dress, but you will feel a bit better about playing down the skin show that will happen if you wear the slip dress as it is.

Never slouch and always enjoy: No matter how you style the slip dress, which is without the blouse or with it, the point is to stand tall and enjoy the sensation you are creating by wearing this dress.

Now that we have given you pointers on how to rock this look, do consider other factors like what material the slip dress should be made of, the kind of fit and cut, the type of accessories that you will add and also the color and style that will work on you best. For instance, some of you may feel safer with broader straps than spaghetti straps. Or that you like one that as A-line shape or one that has pleats in it and so on.