How To Look Expensive On A Budget

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

What does looking expensive mean? It means that you can afford to wear expensive clothing that is classic and that you are well put together. This means that you look polished and poised while presenting a classy look. When we enter the grownup world where work becomes a priority, we all wish to have such a look going on but we often are not able to pull of this look because we do not have the money to do so. In this article, we will tell you how to look expensive on a budget. With these tips you can refine your look whether you want to go for classic masculine fashion ideas for women or want to try casual, cool yet so classy suede outfits.

And we are not just talking about some fashion classics that you should know about but something more than that. For instance, with our tips on how to look expensive on a budget, you will be more aware when you go out for shopping. Being more aware will ensure that you buy fewer things but with multiple uses like a simple blazer that goes with many outfits or a black skirt that can be used for casual and official occasions depending on the kind of top you wear with it.

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

Start wearing black: Black is such a beautiful option that wearing it immediately gives you more classic and finished look. Black also has the advantage of working well with many other colors making it a great choice.

Blazers it is: The addition of a blazer instantly makes your outfit look more polished especially if it is clean, well-pressed and fits well. With most people, the obvious choice may seem black but you do have a scope to play around with other colors and patterns.

Ensure a good fit: There is nothing clumsier than wearing clothing that does not fit well. Clothing that is too tight or too loose can make a person look cheap or untidy. It is important to ensure that your clothes fit just right.

Wear pointed shoes: The wearing of pointed shoes makes your feet and legs look good and also adds an expensive sheen to your overall looks. Make sure that the shoes are of black or nude shades.

Structured bag: A bag that has a solid and structured look comes across as more expensive looking than one that has less of a structure. The simple lines make the look seem more expensive.

Wear sunglasses: A woman wearing dark glasses always comes across as more confident and sophisticated adding to the expensive look.

Grooming counts: Nobody can pull off an expensive look without being well groomed. Which means that nails should be trim, shaped and buffed, hair should be clean and shiny and skin well-moisturized.

Wear lipstick: While we know that the full range of makeup is not something that most women enjoy doing or are skilled at, wearing lipstick and that too off a suitable color like red, maroon, coral or pink depending on your coloring can make you look more expensive.

Statement jewelry: You can add one or two pieces of statement jewelry that looks unique but is not expensive to add to that expensive look even when you are on a budget. But do make sure that the jewelry is not too tacky and looks good.

Coordinate shoes and bag: Another important tip is to coordinate the color of your bag and shoes to have that expensive look going. This is a good way to look expensive on a budget.

We suggest that even with these tips, you will need to focus on shopping at sales and buying prudently to pull off an expensive look while on a budget.