40 Gorgeous Pleated Skirt Outfits

40 Gorgeous Pleated Skirt Outfits

Whenever the word pleated skirt is mentioned, it brings to mind a retro look with girls and women in midi length skirts are delicately pleated skirt and this is true to a certain extent though the word classic would be more apt here than the word retro. It is because the concept of an outfit that consists of a pleated skirt is both gorgeous and genteel. It is a formal look but somehow manages to convey a look of suppressed mischief and naughtiness that comes through from the very proper pleats. It is an easy outfit that works well for occasions like going to office in a forgiving outfit or to tea with your prospective in-laws or even for an evening out with your friends. This is a forgiving outfit because it is easy and fits very comfortably unlike skirts like the pencil skirt. It allows the wearer to move around without any hindrance. You can definitely look pretty as a picture with pleated skirts and this is something that cannot be denied.

Gorgeous Pleated Skirt Outfits

If you are in doubt about the pleated skirt outfit, then we suggest that you look at the different types of skirts that actually exist and you will find that this skirt does occupy an important position here. It will definitely count as one of the lovely looks for skirt addicts and this cannot be denied.

Having said so many flattering things about pleated skirts, we also have to add that they work on most body types. This means that even if you feel that your body type is a bit on the bulkier side especially around the midriff, you can wear a pleated skirt and look gorgeous with a bit of clever planning and the right top. The first thing to remember in such cases, is to ensure that you do not pick out a skirt that is too generously pleated. Which means ensure that the material of the skirt is the kind that does not flare out but stays true to the lines of your body without clinging like a second skin. This way the pleated skirt would look flattering and not add to the curves in the area.

Another factor to keep in mind is to wear the right kind of top. In any case, for any kind of body types, it is not such a good idea to wear a top that is too loose as this would make the whole outfit look awkward. But for those who are conscious of being too bulky around the midriff, the idea is to wear a fitted top that is just right on you. If possible do not tuck the top and leave it out but while ensuring that it is not too long but just enough to cut your middle body in two segments.

Or if you want, you can tuck in a short top and top it off with a nice jacket to ensure that you look awesome in spite of having a heavier midriff. This outfit works well with a skirt as well as a t-shirt or top depending on the occasion you are dressing up for. Adding a warm sweater and tights will make this a cheerful outfit for the colder months. However, it is better if you did not combine this skirt with sneakers and stuck to more feminine footwear. However, boots can work if you are combining it with a t-shirt or something casual.

There are several ways to style pleated skirts in order to look gorgeous and we have tried to give you some ideas around the same in the way of images that we have given with the article. Do tell us which options that you are going to try first.