5 Celebrity Diet Plans That Work Fast

5 Celebrity Diet Plans That Work Fast

We often spend a lot of time looking at how celebrities look and present themselves. The one thing that stands out often is how slim and fit they look no matter what the situation including even after giving birth to a child. They face a life that is always under public scrutiny where each move they make is under the scanner and the constant pressure to look good always. Despite all these factors, we must acknowledge that they manage to look their best at all times. It goes without saying, that they have the best resources on hand to help them stay looking good and keeping fit. But even then it arouses our curiosity when we see the cutest celebrity couples of this year about the celebrity diet plans that work fast. The fact is that they do get their dieticians and fitness experts to come up with a personalized plan that works really well on their body type and metabolism.

That is why we feel that while following a diet is all well and good you also need to be cognizant of your body type and metabolism rate not to mention your lifestyle before choosing a diet plan. We suggest that you look at celebrity diet plans that work fast and then pick out one that you feel is suited to you based on the celebrity personality. In fact, the first step would be to take steps to develop a fashion sense from scratch is to start with fitness and health but do it the right way. In fact, whether you are planning to take a vacation or wear dreamy wedding dresses, you need to feel that you look good to pull it off.

Celebrity Diet Plans That Work Fast

The five-factor diet plan: This diet used by Eva Mendez who lost 15 pounds seems pretty simple at least in principle. It has you eating five meals daily which is composed of five ingredients. The target ingredients include fibre, unsaturated fats, protein, carbs and a liquid with no sugars. Along with this diet, the dieter has to work out half an hour daily for five days a week. This diet also allows for a cheat once a week.

Maple syrup diet: This diet is more like a fast and as strange as it seems has actually helped Beyonce Knowles lose as much 19 pounds in about ten days. The dieter has to drink a mix of cayenne pepper, pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup and water to detox the system. Doing this, helps the body get rid of toxins and the pepper is supposed to help the metabolism speed up.

Holistic detox diet: This was a diet followed by Kate Moss, who lost eight pounds in three weeks. This diet consists of eating a list of foods that consists of red meat, nuts and tea for this period and that too by chewing the foods at least 10 times before swallowing it to ensure proper digestion.

The Hampton’s diet: Followed by Sarah Jessica Parker who lost 15 pounds on this diet, this one consists of mostly eating foods that are raw. You can eat raw fruits and vegetables as well as fish and nuts as part of this diet. In fact, this diet is recommended as a lifestyle change instead of just a diet you follow for a short period of time.

The three-hour diet: Be like Jessica Biel and follow this diet which has you eating six small meals every three hours and fit into that swimsuit you want to wear. This diet cuts down on cravings and you can limit the portion size by associating the portion size to a familiar object to make it easier to associate and measure while eating.

The thing about diets is that you need to be careful and cognizant of your body type, personality and needs before picking one. Also, make it a point to consult a medical professional if you have any pre-existing health conditions or need special guidance