Playful But Official Looking Bow Front Dresses

Playful But Official Looking Bow Front Dresses

We often think of certain fashion aspects and features as being childish or frivolous until you spot somebody displaying one and making a great job of it. The bow is one of them and we often assume that it belongs firmly to the little girl phase and need not be a part of your dressing as you grow up. But that is not true; bows can be a great way to make an otherwise sober and boring dress or top come to life. It can also be a great way to provide shape to your dress and make it look more interesting. You have to check out cute bow dresses to be charming and quaint to understand what we are talking about. It is not in the same league as having elbow patches which are so cute and which comes under fashions that work.






It can be a great way to add an official touch but at the same time playful look to your ensemble and the fact is that adding a bow that ties somewhere in the front is so simple. The bow tends to almost like a tie which is considered a part of the official attire that people wear to office but at the same time it is not as staid as the tie itself. You can probably include it among the styling tips for your next job interview. The only caution if you do, is to ensure that you do not make the bow too over the top or frivolous in interview like situations. But for other occasions, you can play around with the placement, style, size and type of bow to make it apt for the rest of the outfit.






A bow at the neck can be a great way to ensure that the neck is closed and eyes are not drawn frequently to your cleavage but without making the dress look too prim and proper. It can also be a great way to make the dress a bit more suitable for office wear even if it is a bit on the loose or frivolous side. If you want to make it official, then ensure that you make the bow neat and relatively small. For occasions that you want to add a bit of drama to your outfit, you can make the bow big, extravagant and yes, a little dramatic.






A bow at the waist can also be made as flexible as you want. For instance, you can tie a small and neat bow that makes your dress look more official and formal. Or you can tie a big and dramatic bow that takes a rather plain dress and makes it look as if you are ready to go to a party. It is also a good way to add a waist level definition to your dress without having to wear a belt and making it look too cinched in.




The bow in the neck can be worn a little lower to ensure that you show a bit of cleavage but without going too low. And if you are one of those who wants to draw every eye to the bow, then you can go with a thin, neat and small bow either at the neck or at the waist.





Another aspect that you have to remember about the bow is that you can either make it of the same color as the dress or the blouse or of an entirely different color to break the monotony of the dress. Do look at the images we have given here along with this article and tell us what you think about bow front dresses.