What To Wear? Learn All About The Dress Code For Every Occasion

What To Wear? Learn All About The Dress Code For Every Occasion

Have you ever wondered how some women and men seem to have a sense for what would work for a certain occasion and turn up looking just right? Yes, it could be the fact that they are comfortable in their skin but it is also due to the fact that they have cracked the code. Yes, there is a code and they have cracked it. You should also learn the code and when you do, you will realize that it is not all the difficult. Of course, there are always some constants like pretty preppy dresses to prepare you for almost any occasion and when you do, make it a point to embrace it with a lot of enthusiasm. You should also hang on to cozy and casual comfort dresses for any occasion so that you are almost there.

The fact is, we are jumping the gun here and getting ahead of ourselves and we will try to keep on track going forward. But before we go back to following the sequence of occasions that you should be prepared for, we give you one more tip. That of having gorgeous green dresses for every occasion and ensuring that you get the right shade. Now that we have it out of our system, here is a list of the main occasions that you need to know the dress code for:


Wedding: For weddings, you need to let the weather and the type of wedding guide you on what to wear but do keep in mind that it is considered in very poor taste to wear white to a wedding. So do ensure that you keep this point in mind and ensure that the wardrobe is decorous rather than daring.



Formal: When it comes to formal parties or occasions, the long gown with an up do is the norm for the ultra-conservative parties. For the more casual occasions you can wear a sexy and short dress if that is your style.


Places of worship: When it comes to a place of worship, you have to ensure that you dress well but not daringly so. Which means, low necklines, short hemlines and bare backs are out.


Interview: You need to project a look that says that you are confident and competent, which means formal clothing that fits well and has a minimum of provocative features. Comfort and fit are also two factors that are part of this dress code.


Meeting: For such occasions, you need to look and feel confident, which means that you need to dress sharp but also in a comfortable way. There is nothing as awkward as someone who keeps adjusting and fiddling with their clothing.


First date: Keep it simple and cute, which means you can wear anything from jeans with a nice top to a skirt with top or a cute dress. This is the first date and you would want to be yourself but not come across as someone who is too forward or too desperate.


Meeting in-laws: The dress code for such occasions is to ensure that you look good but not in a tawdry or provocative manner. It means going for outfits that are smart and comfortable but nothing too tight or too short.



Casual: These are occasions that let you dress to your moods and that too without any restrictions. Go for something that makes you feel like you are yourself. The only caution here is that you ensure that you are in company that you can trust.


Pool party: For such occasions, it is the norm to wear brief clothing that makes it easier to get around. It would also make sense to have an outfit that is easy to wear and take off as such parties require you to dress and undress when you want to get in and out of the water.





Night out for fun: Go for an outfit that makes you feel glamorous and sexy. Ensure that you wear shoes, accessories and makeup that goes with such an outfit. Do carry a coat or jacket that goes with the dress so that you can commute to and from the place without feeling too self-conscious.


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