Want To Ensure That Your Denims Look Good? Follow These Four Tips

Want To Ensure That Your Denims Look Good? Follow These Four Tips

Denims are a big part of the fashion world with both men and women making it an integral part of their wardrobe. In fact, it is not unheard of for people to wear denims to offices in case they do not have a customer facing job, which then would need them to dress in formals. The thing is that denim has become so much the rage that you can see denim on denim outfits for denim addicts like me. And what adds to the attraction of denim is the mystery of why girls in denim shorts always look so hot. This can of course be put down to the fact that the rugged nature of denim somehow works at making the femininity of the girl or woman even more obvious.



If you are still doubting the popularity and hold that denims and particularly denim jeans have on the fashion scene, then we suggest that you look at real women (no models) blue jean outfit to try this year. You will surely see what we mean by saying that denims are here to stay.



Here are some good tips to ensure that your denims last longer and look good too:

Wash them less often: You will find that denims remain looking good when they are washed less frequently. You may wonder why washing is bad for denims – well, denims lose their shape and start to sag if washed too frequently. What this means is that they may not fit you as well as they should and this is something that you want to avoid. However, the thing is that not washing jeans could make them smelly and to counter this, you can put them in a Ziploc bag and stash them in the freezer for a while. This will ensure that they smell good and also do not lose their shape.



Wash them with colder water: While we do advocate not washing the jeans, there may come a time when it becomes imperative that they have to be washed. In such situations, we suggest that you wash them with cold water. It is best to wash the jeans by hand, but if it is too much of a hassle, then toss it in the machine in the delicate setting so that the water is cold and it is wrung dry.



Do not tumble dry: If you have the time, take the time to air dry your jeans instead of going for tumble dry as this will ensure that the jeans remain in good shape for a longer time. This will ensure that the colors and the shape as well as the fit of the denims remain the same for a longer time which is what you are looking for in the first place.



Wash before you alter them: Denims are often purchased in a size that is slightly bigger or longer in the legs because you like the style so much or due to many other reasons. A good tailor can make the alterations for you and have the jeans looking good. But the one thing that we recommend you do before taking your jeans out for alterations is to wash it if not twice, at least once before the alterations take place. We ask you to do this because in many instances, the denims may shrink when washed changing the measurements for alteration.

The tips we have given above will surely help you keep your denims looking good and going for longer. Do let us know if you have some additional tips of your own.