Thin Hair Vs Thick Hair – Find Out What Each Entails

Thin Hair Vs Thick Hair – Find Out What Each Entails

Okay, for just a minute we will channel a bit of Joey (from FRIENDS) and say thin hair good; thick hair good. We are sure that you thought that people who have thick hair have got a good thing going and people with thin hair will feel a bit conscious about it and you are not entirely wrong in thinking that. But it is not completely true either; both thin hair and thick hair have their own advantages and downside. It does not matter whether you have thick hair or thin hair, but it would be good for you to have these 15 hair hacks that every girl should have so that you are well set to have more good hair days than not. As we may have mentioned earlier, your hair is part of your personality and treating it with anything less than love and care that is due to it will only result in poor results.

And if you are still desperate to make your hair better but do not have much to spend on it, then you could learn about the 10 cheap ways to make your hair grow out, which should make you feel good. Of course, if you are one of those who is feeling that having hair that is too thick is a deterrent in trying different hairstyles, then we suggest that you look at attractive thick hairstyles to try in 2016.


Here is a good way to compare how thick hair stand out when compared to thin hair:


Problems with thick hair:
You have to spend a lot on shampoo and hair conditioner as the sheer volume warrants this.
Combs, hair accessories, brushes, pins, etc. are not strong enough to hold your thick hair
You need too many packets of dye
It takes too much time to let your hair dry out naturally
It takes a lot of time and effort to blow it dry
You seem to shedding hair everywhere you go.



Problems with thin hair:
You have to keep tying your ponytail several times
Putting conditioner on your head makes it sticky and greasy
Your scalp has the tendency to get sunburned
All the products you buy to use on your hair have the words volume and body enhancing on them
You have to wait ages for your hair to grow even a little bit
You spend hours curling it only to have it flatten out in no time at all.



Tips for thick hair:
You can add long layers to ensure that your hair has movement
Ensure that your scalp has a lesser weight to carry by going for long hairstyles
Invest in strong clips and bands
Try to color your hair ombre style with lighter ends to make it look thinner.



Tips for thin hair:
Spray with salt solution before blow drying to make it look thicker
Try to blow dry your hair upside down to create an illusion of volume and thickness
Dryness inducing shampoo can help you a lot
Keep your hair shorter to make it look thicker and more voluminous.



Factors to avoid if you have thick hair:
Do not wash your hair daily and leave the natural oils to condition it naturally
Do not run your hands through the hair and make it stand up
Avoid a bristle brush to avoid damage to your hair
Do not blow dry as this will make your hair look thicker and fluffier.



Factors to avoid if you have thin hair:
Do not use too much product as it can make your hair sticky and weight it down
Do not cut it layers as it will accentuate the lack of volume
Avoid conditioner for the length of the hair and stick to only the ends
Do not flat iron the ends