Redefine Your Clothing And Style With The Colors Theory

January 18th, 2017

Redefine Your Clothing And Style With The Colors Theory

Fashions and colors are two things that are inextricably intertwined and we cannot imagine one without the other. The fact is that we all look to the current fashion trends and for the fashion gurus to tell us about the colors of the season.  However, while this gives us some guidance on how to stay updated, it can also limit us in the sense that some of the colors that are fashionable for the current season may not work on you or be flattering on you. We always feel that to work through the complicated maze of fashion, it is best to be armed with full information of the basics. Because the basics will define and become the foundation of your basic style and current fashions are only the garnish that will complete the dish. A person who is not clear on the basics of fashion will never be completely confident about the fashion choices they make and this will affect the way they carry the style they are trying out. Whether it is creative contrast color dress to keep you colorful or something full of understated elegance, you need to know about the theory of colors.

We know that in most instances, you can always rely on simple and stylish solid color dresses, this can get to be boring after a while. Plus there may be a paucity of solid colored outfits to wear all the time. You need to also wrap your mind around the bold color outfits to wear so that you have a smorgasbord of choices spread in front of you to make an informed choice. That is why we give here some unusual color combinations that will have you thinking.

colors theory 1

Combinations for red: Red is a color that we all find hard to ignore but we often tend to be safe and conservative about what we pair it with because it is a color that is hard to ignore. You can pair red with lime, salmon, chocolate and fuchsia for an unusual but surprisingly striking combination.

colors theory 2

Yellow: This sunny color seems to have the ability to exude warmth and emulate the sun even during the stark and gloomy winter weather. We often tend to hold back on combining this color with others as we feel we will get it wrong. Here we are suggesting that you pair yellow with navy blue, red, sky blue and black.

colors theory 3

Citron: This intriguing color seems to be undecided and seems to linger between green and yellow. Since we are already talking about a color that is complicated, combining it with other hues may cause you to pause. You can pair citron with navy blue, yellow, tangerine and pewter.

colors theory 5

Green: The color of nature and also money, green seems to be everybody’s favorite. Nobody can look at green and not feel uplifted and we will make it easier to wear this color by suggesting some combinations. Pair green with navy blue, eggplant, spruce and black.

colors theory 6

Aqua: This is another undecided color lingering between blue and green and can cause some difficulties when it comes to combining with other colors. You can pair aqua with khaki, scarlet, peach and navy blue.

colors theory 7

Blue: This is a favorite color of most men but they seem to feel that they should combine it with either other shades of blue, black, grey or white. Here we are suggesting that you pair blue with forest green, mint, white and scarlet.

colors theory 8

Purple: A rich and complex color, this color can make the wearer look almost royal. You can pair purple with navy, cherry, lilac and mint to make an unusual but striking appearance the next time you wear it.

colors theory 9

Pink: Pink is the color that has gained a reputation of being a girl’s color, which is why most men stay away from this color. You can pair pink with gray, cobalt, red and black to make it look good on you.