Gorgeous Grown Up Style To Up Your Game

Gorgeous Grown Up Style To Up Your Game

There comes a time in your life when you emerge fresh out of college and are eager to step into the world of business, whether in the form of employment or as an entrepreneur. At this juncture, you realize that you just do not know how to present yourself in terms of the way you dress. While colleges do encourage their students to know a bit about what is an acceptable dress code for work, you will soon realize that there is a marked difference in your current college style and grown up style – a difference that you have to learn to master. For instance, you may have to master the different trouser style types before determining which formal style will work for you. You also need to wrap your head around the concept of styles you should have owned by now so that you have a distinct personality and style.


It is not just a matter of what you wear but the kind of choices you make and also about how you carry yourself. Sometimes it could be as basic as simple, slick and sleek ponytail hairstyles that shout out chic and sometimes it could be about investing in lesser items but of good quality.

Here are some steps for you to get into the gorgeous grown up style:


Buy a quality pair of shoes for work: Buy heels that you can wear comfortably and that look as if they are of good quality, which means they have to be quality stuff. Ensure that you buy stuff that looks good but is also durable. It is always better to have one good pair of shoes than many mediocre shoes.


Invest in good clothing but with caution: Just because you are earning, does not mean that you go overboard in your purchases. Think your options through and buy when good stuff is on sale. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is about the way your clothing is going to be perceived – for instance, plain clothing looks more expensive when compared with printed stuff.


Get a stylish and sober bag: A quality bag that is well taken care of will make you look more grown up and professional than carrying one that is not well made or well cared for. It need not always be of the top end brands, but it definitely has to be well made and be of a good quality.


Connect with a good tailor: Another simple tip to ensure that you look grown up and turn out looking good is to ensure that your clothing fits you perfectly. Which means some extent of alteration may be needed, which is why you need to make friends with a good tailor who will ensure that everything you own looks as if it is perfectly tailored for you.


Only the best accessories will do: You have to realize that there are always going to be some accessories that are going to enjoy more eyeballs than others. For instance, your wallet may make an appearance even at work when you take it out to pay for food and beverages. Keeping this in mind, ensure that your accessories are of the best quality without compromising on their utility value.


Invest in a good coat: Ensure that you know which silhouette works on you and purchase a nice coat that will shout out class and elegance every time you have it on. This is a good step towards looking and dressing grown up.


Maintain all your stuff: It is only good sense to ensure that you spend time and efforts on maintaining all your stuff. This not only ensures that it lasts longer, but also tends to look good when you use them.