Clothing Care Symbols; Learn What They Mean

Clothing Care Symbols; Learn What They Mean

Do you know what is worse than wearing clothing of poor quality? Wearing clothing of good quality that have not been cared for well. This is because when a person wears poor quality clothing, it indicates that they are doing so probably because they cannot afford to wear good quality clothing. But when a person wears good quality clothing that is not cared for, then it shows a sloppy attitude. But sometimes it is not just a matter of not caring enough to maintain our clothing well but it comes down to not understanding what the care symbols on the label of your clothing means. In this post, we will try to give you some explanation of how to decipher what each symbol means. It may not be a simple to understand as the absolute shoe care guide, but it is not that complicated either.

In many instances, it may not even mean that much effort as one may have to expound for how to take care of your leather attire and accessories but comes down to getting the instructions right and following them. You will find it worth the effort that you make to take good care of your clothing as you would when you follow the tips to taking good care of your colored hair. It all comes down to making sure your appearance counts for something and leaving a good impression all around.


The machine wash symbol could consist of the following:

Temperature: One dot indicates cold, two warm and three hot. This in effect ensures that you do not over or under expose the garment to the wrong temperature.

Cycle: Normal cycle wash does not have any lines underneath but permanent press has one and delicate is marked by two lines underneath.

Wash: The cross mark indicates no wash, which probably means dry clean and the water spout coming in indicates hand wash which is mostly in the case of delicate clothing which cannot go through the machine in any case.

The bleaching symbols include: The simple triangle indicates the need to bleach as needed while the one with two lines running through it indicates bleach that is strictly non-chlorine based and the one with opaque triangle with crossed lines indicates no bleach at all.

The dryer symbols:

The simple black opaque circle indicates not using the hot water setting at all and going with the water that is the tap temperature.

The circle with one dot indicates low heat, the circle with two dots indicates moderate or medium heat and the plain circle indicates the usage of any heat.

The dryer cycle to be used is the form of a circle in a square which indicates a normal cycle. For permanent press, there is a line underneath the square and two lines indicate gentle or delicate settings.

The one that has a cross running on the cycle within the square indicates no drying in the dryer.

The iron settings:

The iron symbol with one dot indicates low, the one with two dots indicates medium and the one with three dots indicates high temperature. The other symbol is for no steam which is indicated by a steam like jet crossed over and a simple cross on a plain iron without the steam indicates the instruction not to iron.

Dry clean: A simple circle indicates dry clean and a crossed over square indicates not to dry clean at all.

The explanation along with the infographic we have shared should clarify the care  instructions that are normally given on the label of the garment you purchase. You can also talk to the store people or the manufacturer or site for more instructions.