Makeup Mistakes That You Should Avoid To Ensure That You Look Younger

Makeup Mistakes That You Should Avoid To Ensure That You Look Younger

When we are really young (therefore not very wise), we long for the day we will be grown up and the irony is that when we grow up, we spend plenty of resources to look younger than we are. However, jokes and irony aside, the fact is that most of us want to look younger than we are and there is nothing wrong with it. However, in our quest to look younger, we tend to overdo things like going for questionable procedures that can be bad for us. We should no doubt avoid those but this article is not about that. It is about the kind of makeup mistakes that we tend to make without even realizing what we do wrong. There are many mistakes to avoid while applying makeup and you would do well to know what they are.

If you are blessed with a darker complexion, then you should probably look up five makeup ideas and tips for darker shades of skin to ensure that you glow even more. But again we are digressing and we would like to doing makeup the right way. while you are at it, you can also look up important tips for face, lip, and eye makeup step by step so that you not only know what to avoid but also what to do.

Now, We Give You Some Makeup Mistakes To Avoid So That You Look Younger:

make up mistakes 1

Be sparing with the foundation: The reason we are saying this is because a heavy hand with foundation can make your skin look caked and make the appearance of lines even more obvious or even make lines appear where there are none.

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Too much concealor around the eye: The skin under the eye has a few crinkles and if you burden this area with too much concealor, then you again run the risk of making the skin look wrinkled.

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Wearing dark shades of lipstick: By adding a darker shade of lips you will make them look smaller than they are and this can take away from the look of youth. You should actually work on the opposite and make your lips look fuller.

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Using powder to finish: The application of powder to finish off your makeup can make it look as if your face is reflecting more wrinkles and lines that you actually have.

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Harsh black eyeliner: Eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes pop but the one thing you should avoid is using stark black to do so as this can make your eyes look too haggard. Instead go for softer browns and dark blues.

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Too much lip liner: Yes, you should use lip liner, but not too much. Or else you are in the danger of highlighting the laugh lines around the mouth and lips.  Ensure that you use a smooth and creamy eye liner.

make up mistakes 7

Mascara on the lower lashes: Using either liner or mascara on the lower lashes and eye line tends to have the effect of making your eyes look as if they are droopy, which is something to be avoided.

make up mistakes 8

Not using blush: A dash of blush that blends well with the rest of your makeup will bring a bloom to your face that will make it look as if it is flushed with youth, so don’t skip this.

make up mistakes 9

Using the tube of lipstick directly: As you age, the skin around your lips tends to become a tad lined and you should avoid applying lipstick off the tube and apply it with a lip brush instead to avoid exaggerating the lines around your lips.

make up mistakes 10

Making your eyebrows too dark: With age, your eyebrow becomes lighter and applying dark eyebrow color can make you look older as this is in contrast with your natural coloring and make you look older.