Fashion Infographics To Make Your Life Easy

Fashion Infographics To Make Your Life Easy

The world of fashion can be confusing for most of us even if we are entrenched in it but for those who are only slightly aware of it, it can be worse than negotiating through a jungle without a light or guide. To take this metaphor further, we will tell you that what if we were to borrow a bit of technology to make a virtual guide for you. We are sure that it would make life easier for you. We are sure that most of us find negotiating through the lanes of fashion difficult due to change – changes in the way we look and changes in the way the fashion world keeps evolving. We are sure that you would have come across articles that give you tips for creating the perfect wardrobe, and these can be really useful but they may not include you want at once. What is more, in this case we are talking about a collection of infographics, which will pictorially depict all the information that you require making it more consumable.

You are most likely to then refer to this single source for everything around fashion except maybe to know how to curl your hair and the essential tips to know. You will also soon be coming back to this one single article to get your fabulous fashion tips like smart dress and shoe matching ideas too.

Here goes your list to beat all lists:

dress length

Dress length: Here is a way you can calculate what length dress will work for you.


Tops: The top you wear can make or break your entire outfit, know more about it.



Sleeves and necklines: These two important elements of any attire are deciphered for you.


Collar: Do I get a dress with one or go without? This question will no longer haunt you.


Pants: No longer wonder what kind of pants, jeans and trousers will look good on you.

denim fit
It is all in the jeans: Know what denim will help you rock the scene.

right fit


The right fit: This infographic will help you negotiate the maze when it comes to the fit to go with.

dress and body match

Dress and body shape match: Once you get this right, you are good to go.


Leggings: Learn how you can get the most out of your leggings and how to make them last.


outfit 2

outfit 3

Outfit: No longer do you need to look like a novice when you are out with your peeps discussing fashion after this.


Stripes right: Indulge in your passion for stripes in just the right way.


Prints: Knowing what and how prints work with each other has been made easy for you in this one.

minimal looks

Minimal looks: If mixing and matching is not something you like that much, this infographic will guide you to go with the minimal look.


Suits: It is essential that each of us know how to wear a suit well.


The long and short of it: Not all women are made equally and this means not every type of shorts suit everyone.


Renew: Did you know it is possible to refresh and renew the look of a dress?


Petite pretty: Petite women also have issues dressing well and reading this can help.

plus size

On the plus side: If you are a curvaceous lady, you will love this one because it has many hints to make the most of your curves.

buy right

Buy right: If you feel that whatever you buy does not cut it, then peruse this infographic to get it right.


Color it: Getting your color combinations right is the first step to smart dressing.


Panting well: Yes, this article will tell you how to pick out bermudas, capris and other cropped pants.


Tight and nice: The right way to get your tights on will ensure that they last longer.

bottom wear

Bottoms up: What you wear underneath your dress matters and learn how this works.

right tights

Sizes matter when tight: Pick out the tights that are just right for you.

style it tight

Style it tight: Getting the right size tights can go a long way to ensuring that you look good and are comfortable at all times.

swim suits

Swim it right: Know what type of swimsuit which body type

tights and accessories

Tightly accessorized: When it comes to tights and accessories, it is better to know which way to go.

nude tights

Loud tights: Nude tights are awesome but you should know your other options too.


Valentine: On this Valentine day, come into your own with the best look possible.


Know your leggings, tights and stockings well.


Scarves galore: Scarves are an interesting accessory only when you know how, when and what to use it with.