15 Styling Tips For Your Next Job Interview

15 Styling Tips For Your Next Job Interview

Going for a job interview? First of all, let us congratulate you because interviews are a gateway through which you get to start your career. Having said that, it is indeed sad to note that most people approach an interview with all the dread one usually feels for a rectal exam or a particularly painful dental appointment. This is because we feel a lot of pressure to put up our best face for the interview while trying to appear clever, smart, all knowing and confident at the same time. It is almost as if we are facing an exam of terrible proportions and this can leave us feeling inadequate. You could have fabulous fashionable tips with smart dress and shoes matching ideas, but you could still feel inadequate at an interview. This is because while interviews are about making a good impression about your appearance, that is not all.

You need to look good but not overly so and that is where many people tend to fail in making the right impression. It is not just about super shirtwaist dresses for smart and superb dressing but way more than that. While we are on this subject, we ask you to use your own thinking and gut instinct when it comes to dressing for an interview instead of depending on the best smartphone applications for fashion addicts.

We give you here 15 styling tips for your next job interview:

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Pick out a simple but attractive outfit: The key to your selection criterion here should be smart and not sexy. For most jobs, they tend to judge you on how professional you look rather than how attractive you look. This means go with simple and smart.

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Go for solid colors: Always pick out a color that is flattering but solid. Loud prints and colors that are too bright can be distracting. It is better to go for colors like dark blue or black.

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Correct fit and no extras: When you pick out a suit to wear for an interview, go over it with a keen eye to ensure that it does not have too many fussy details. This can be a diversion from you and your personality.

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Go with a smart bag that is just right: Even if it is not your favorite, go with a bag that has simple lines and is not too big. This way when you have to sit down for the interview or even move about, you will find it easier to handle.

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Shoes: You need to pick out shoes that fit you well and are comfortable. Ensure that the heel if any is modest and does not make too much noise when you walk around.

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Wash hair, set well: We often get distracted and feel self conscious when we feel our hair is not just right. To ensure that this does not happen, wash your hair earlier on, dry it and go with a simple hairstyle that has staying power and is also flattering.

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Minimum makeup: An interview is not a time or place for too much makeup. It is best to go with a minimum makeup look of some foundation, eye liner, and lip gloss or lipstick and leave it at that.

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Classic accessories: Keep your accessories like jewelry to the basics like a simple chain and sober earrings.


No tassels or bows: When you go for an interview anything that stands out can be a irksome thing so ensure that you do not add too many extras to your outfit.

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Trim nails and neutral nail polish: If you are the type to chew your nails, then ensure that you cut them and apply a clear coat of nail polish and if you have long nails, shape them and apply a clear polish.

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Hair and tattoos: It goes without saying that when you go for an interview, ensure that all body hair that is visible is removed (for women) and that your tattoos are not on display.

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Piercings: If you have facial or other piercings then it is best to remove these before stepping in for the interview.

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Fresh breath: Ensure that you brush your teeth and have a breath mint before stepping in for the interview.

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Perfume and deodorant: You have to smell good when you go for an interview but not in such a way that is overpowering. So if you are using deodorant and perfume ensure that they work well together and that they are not too strong.

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Check and check again: Take the time to check each aspect from the top to bottom before stepping into the interview so that you go in there feeling that you look smart and capable.