Just So Right And So Comfortable Jersey Knit Dresses

Just So Right And So Comfortable Jersey Knit Dresses

When it comes to fashions and dressing, there is a constant tug of war going on between looking good and being comfortable with one or the other winning while the losing side is left on the side. Rarely are there any dressing options where comfort and looking fashionable play equal roles and winning in equal portions, but as you know that every rule has an exception and in this case the exception is jersey dresses. The jersey fabric is a very forgiving fabric that stretches to accommodate your body but without making you looking bulky at all. In fact, that the jersey dress is so right and comfortable, that it should count among the clothing staples you simply must have in your closet. You should also know that jersey is such a nice fabric that it is found a lot of favor in dynamic plus size outfits and ideas as it tends to make you look slimmer without the bulging look that is a result of many other clingy fabrics.

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We women want to be able to show off the shape of our bodies but we often hesitate to do so because we feel that our bodies and the way they are shaped does not meet the standards of perfection that are expected of us. That is why while we wish to wear cute, clingy and sizzling club dresses that click, we also want to play it safe, which often tends to play down our attractive looks. The jersey dress which is made of a slightly stretchy fabric either made of cotton or silk with a blend of synthetic fiber to add the stretch factor is a great way to look and feel good.jersey knit dresses 11

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This is a knit fabric that tends to embrace your curves in a soft and flattering manner but not in a way that screams for attention as a really tight dress would. This means that you can easily wear the jersey dress for casual occasion like a date with your friends to go out shopping or even for a romantic date. To lessen the effect of the clingy dress you can top it off with a simple shrug or jacket. If the weather outside is too hot, then you can simply add a light scarf to do this.

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One of the ways you can make your silhouette look more attractive and smart is by picking out a jersey dress in a solid color. This way you will be taking the first step to looking slimmer than you are. Another caution that we want to talk about here is that the length of the jersey dress you pick out has to be just right. Which means that you cannot pick a jersey dress that is too short as the clinginess of the dress makes it ride up but at the same time, you cannot go for one that is too long. Once again, this would be a mistake because then the jersey dress would cling too closely to your body and make it look a bit uneven.

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Our advice would be to go for a dress that is of medium length so that you are comfortable but also look really smart. Another important consideration or advantage of this dress is that you can go with a dress with a fuller skirt when you want to wear something longer without fear of looking bulkier.

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By now you must have looked closely at the images we have given here of women and girls wearing jersey dresses and you must acknowledge the validity of the points we have made above.