Five Luxury Travel Staples for Men

October 7th, 2016

Five Luxury Travel Staples for Men

Traveling for business purposes or venturing on a city break? Both are perfect opportunities to travel in style. While comfort is of utmost importance, so is a crisp and well-fitted look. Luxury travel outfits aren’t necessarily a luxury as far as the price tag is concerned.

Image courtesy of Deposit Photos

Image courtesy of Deposit Photos

Investing in these must-have staples for traveling in style is quite rewarding. Stylish, comfy travel outfits and the accessories that go with them guarantee a good run for the money. Not only will you look impeccable, but also confident and comfortable.

Here are the top five choices for luxury travel outfits that you should own and proudly flaunt.

Luxury Travel Staples for Men

The Must-Have White Linen Shirt
White linen or cotton shirts and t-shirts are the luxurious addition to your travel outfits. They are lightweight and fluid and perfect for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion. Thinner fabrics provide both adequate protection against sun rays and coolness during warm days.

The linen shirt teams up perfectly with a cardigan, a blazer, casual and formal pants. It’s the most versatile wardrobe staple that you can pack away for both business travels and weekend getaways. It’s recommended that you find at least two high-quality fabric shirts: a long-sleeved and a short-sleeved one.

If you’re thinking about accessorizing your travel outfit when it includes the white linen shirt, go for an exquisitely designed duffle leather bag. This is also a luxurious must-have travel item due to the high quality of the material, its sturdiness, and reliability.

Colors of the Year Chinos
As a traveling gentleman, you need at least one pair of stylish chinos. Chinos skim the body and feature the great advantage of having mainly cotton in their composition. They’re a versatile sartorial staple that makes a statement regardless of the outfit they are part of.

Chinos are less formal than suit pants, yet they’re also dressier than jeans. This luxury clothing item can also be dressed up or down as the event requires. What makes chinos so alluring is the range of colors they come in.

You can’t go wrong with your travel outfit if you include a pair of chinos in this year’s attractive colors. Choose between shades of green, navy or sand reminiscent hues for a guaranteed fashionable outfit.

The Casual Smart Blazer
This is yet another travel outfit staple that is a must have for the traveling man. Choose high-quality fabrics, not only for the luxury feeling but for your comfort and a stylish look. No matter how much you dress down while traveling, luxurious fabrics must be a top choice.

A casual smart blazer will be your trusted ally for traveling in style. It dresses up a pair of shorts, it teams up beautifully with chinos and other smart casual staples in your luggage. It’s fit to wear during a meeting, as well as on chillier nights on top of the linen shirt or with a well-fitted t-shirt.

The casual smart blazer offers the best opportunity to inject individuality and style to an outfit. It hardly requires ironing as the mainly cotton composition keeps it from wrinkling. For all these reasons, the casual smart blazer deserves to be part of your travel outfit.

The Key Piece Jacket
It’s always a good idea to pack more than just one jacket. While the casual smart blazer lends itself perfectly for travelling and creating more outfits that will look stylish, you should consider packing a different jacket too.

The best thing about jackets is that they can be used to create layered outfits. When you have the opportunity to create layered outfits, you also create the opportunity to easily switch between styles by just adding or removing one key staple.

Other jackets to consider for your suitcase: the denim jacket, the Harrington jacket, the safari jacket or the tailored blazer. As these pieces are timeless, invest in high-quality products that will serve you both in your travels and your day to day life. Lightweight luxurious fabrics are fit from spring until late autumn. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for inspiration on what to wear during the colder season, take some cues from here.

The Perfect Footwear
Footwear can make or break a successful travel outfit. As such, be prepared for all circumstances. Depending on the purpose of your travel, consider the appropriate footwear to pack in your suitcase. Stylish suede or leather slip-ons are easy to pair with a dressier outfit or a casual one. Dress shoes are a must if you are traveling for business and your getaway includes plenty of formal occasions.

It isn’t difficult to travel in style if you pack these must-haves and use your sartorial sense to create outfits which reflect your individuality and fit the occasion.