Fantastic And Frivolous Feather Print Dresses

Fantastic And Frivolous Feather Print Dresses

Sometimes when you cannot have the real thing, then it is best to go with something that is almost the same. But some would say that sometimes the likeness of something is better than the actual thing – confused? You will understand soon when we are talking about feathers. While wearing feathers would have been fun, it is not something that you should be doing on an everyday basis. Imagine, that you loved feathers and wanted to wear them all the time but it would look odd and would also fall off your dress and we can imagine sourcing real feathers would be a big problem. And maintenance of feathered dress would also be a big problem. But what if you could have the joy of wearing something as fantastic as feathers without all the fuss? We are talking about feather print dresses. The fact is that even though it is not the real thing, it still has all the charm but without the fuss. And the added advantage is that it would raise no objections from anyone and we figure maintenance would also be very useful. Now imagine, pretty and perfect printed silk dresses with the feather prints on them; sounds good doesn’t it?

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While some may argue that chic and striking check print dresses is the way to dress, and they are not wrong, you have to admit that feather print dresses have their own cachet. Like you have gorgeous floral print dresses for next summer, why not make feather print dresses the thing to wear for spring time?

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Here, we think it is important to point out that even though feather print dresses are awesome, it would not be wrong for you to wear a feathered dress or accessory once in awhile. It is just that wearing feathers would not work out on a daily basis. In fact, just imagine that you are going to meet your prospective in-laws for the first time. You need to be dressed in an attractive yet sober way. Do you think you can go to meet them (in ordinary circumstances) wearing  dress with feathers all over it? We are sure that you cannot imagine doing that. But you can definitely imagine wearing an interesting feather print dress with an attractive and chic look in a flattering pattern.

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In fact, if you can find a feather print dress in a sober enough color, you can actually wear a dress like this to office and still not look out of place. But do not for one moment, imagine, that a feather print dress is always sober and dull. In fact, with a bit of clever color combinations, you can make it bright and look almost as if your dress actually has feathers on them.

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The thing about feathers is that each bird has a different one not only in terms of the colors, the patterns and designs but also in the texture and feel of it. What this means in terms of your wardrobe is that you have plenty of choice when you look for feather print dresses. Along with the points we have given here, we leave you with plenty of images.

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The fact is these images will help you realize the type of feather print dresses that will look good with your looks. Do look at them and find out your style quotient so that you can dress accordingly. There is no doubt that having a few feather print dresses in your arsenal will ensure that you can dress in these as per your moods and needs.