Catchy Cross Halter Dresses For Comfort And Glamor

Catchy Cross Halter Dresses For Comfort And Glamor

Have you ever seen one of those advertisements or a demonstration video where a woman (usually one who is petite and probably of oriental origin) demonstrates 10-12 or even more ways to wear a dress? We are sure most of you have and one of the ways she usually demonstrates is the cross halter style. You must be familiar with the halter neck which is usually composed of straps that hold up the dress by hanging off the neck. This means that the back and part of the shoulder is bare as well as bringing the neck into center stage. The cross halter is simply a variation of the halter neck where the straps crisscross instead of going to the back of the neck on the same side to be tied or fastened at the back of the neck. If you can learn how to rock the sexy halter neck dresses, then you will find wrapping your head around the cross halter dresses also easy to do.

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And if you are the shy demure type then the concept of the cross halter neck can be made to look as sober and offering as much coverage as o neck that will have others going ah. If you think about it, then most halter neck dresses can help you in learning how to get more out of your dresses with convertible clothing and helping you convert the halter tops or dresses to cross halter dresses or tops.

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Here are some advantages of cross halter dresses that can be both comfortable as well as glamorous:

As bare or as covered as you want it: The cross halter dress is a very good choice when you want to go bare or if you want to have a bit more coverage in the outfit that you wear. If you have a dress that has broad straps, then you can tie it cross halter for more coverage as it is or twist the cloth straps and tie it cross halter to make it more bare. By now you must have an idea of what we are talking about.

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Cover all or a bit of skin in the middle: With cross halter straps, you can create an effect that leaves a bit of skin exposed in the middle if you want it or if you do not want to create this effect, you can ensure that the cross straps cover everything. Another advantage of the cross halter is that it takes a regular dress and adds a bit of an interesting angle to it.

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Make the dress more secure: If you are one of those women who loves to have a lot of action like dancing or other activities, then you may sometimes hesitate to wear a halter dress as it can be a bit on the delicate side. But when you wear the same cross halter style, then it is likely to be more secure and stay on in spite of any activities you undertake.

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We are sure that by now you are contemplating how many of your outfits that you can wear cross halter so that you add an extra dimension to the outfit you wear. In fact, if you really think of it, outfits ranging from bikinis to the most elaborate evening gowns can benefit from being worn with cross halter straps.

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Do let us know if you like wearing halter straps and if so, would you like to try the cross halter idea? And if you have already done so, we would love to hear how it worked out for you.