10 Cheap Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Out

10 Cheap Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Out

We women are often accused of being obsessed with our hair and it can be true for many of us since we do consider our hair as our crowning glory. Why only us women, even men are known to be vain and absorbed by their hair. And with women, even men are obsessed with their hair and how lovely it looks. That is why it is important that you have inexpensive ways to ensure that your hair grows quicker. How else will you be able to try everyone’s favorite half up half down hairstyles? And if you are wanting to free your wild summer hairstyles for 2016, then you really need to ensure that your hair grows long and healthy so that you can do it without any hesitation at all.

good hair

In fact, when you think of any hairstyle, whether it is evergreen top knot hairstyles or something that is loose and free, you will need to ensure that your hair grows out well and good so that it looks good on you.

That is why we give you some cheap but good ways to make your hair grow out:

eating a good diet

Eat a good diet: Yes, eating a good diet that is rich in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals will go a long way to help your hair grow out well and also ensure the health of the hair.

castor oil to hair

Apply castor oil and steam: The application of castor oil on your hair and leaving it overnight is a good way to go about growing your hair. Do steam your hair using a towel dipped in hot water before washing it out.

scalp massage

Massage the scalp: A good and proper massage of your scalp can help your hair grow faster and this is simple enough to do all by yourself even when you are working.

flip the hair

Flip the hair: One of the things that ensures that your hair grows well is by ensuring a good blood supply and circulation to the area. To do this, you can simply flip your hair over to have it fall forward to ensure that there is better circulation.

stressed out

Avoid stress to grow tress: Stress is basically the enemy of all the good things in life including proper hair growth. So you have one more reason to avoid stress.

egg and lemon to hair

Egg it on: Mixing egg whites with lemon and a bit of olive oil and applying it to your hair and allowing it to stay on for about 30 minutes before you wash it off is also a good way to ensure that your hair grows faster.

aloe extract to hair

Aloe it to grow: Apply aloe extract mixed with lemon juice and leave it on for about 20 minutes to ensure it gets absorbed before you wash it off.

onion on hair

Onion in shampoo: You can leave a few pieces of raw onion in your shampoo for a fortnight before using it to wash your hair. This is very beneficial for your hair and will help stimulate hair growth.

using wooden comb

Use a wooden comb: The use of a wooden comb of good quality is like a massage to the scalp and ensures lesser harm to the hair when you comb it out. So do make it a point to invest in a wooden comb for the health and accelerated growth of your hair.

consult a doctor

Check out medical issues: In case you are on some kind of medication that harms your hair, do talk to your healthcare provider to find out how to combat the effects of this.

We hope you will find these tips on growing your hair out useful and will share with us how it worked out for you.