Want To Wear Nude Tights? Learn About The Pros And Cons Before You Do

Want To Wear Nude Tights? Learn About The Pros And Cons Before You Do

One of our earlier posts told you about tights, stockings and leggings so by now we are sure that you are clear about them. As you may be aware, tights are often used to complete an outfit and also to provide an added layer of warmth. You may have seen sizzling girls in tights and wanted to be able to look like them but could not take the step to do so. Alternatively, you may have felt that the unique looks of burgundy leather outfits lacked a certain something and this could lead to lack of style. Even the sexy world of slip dresses could do with a touch of extra style with tights.

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In this article, we are going to look at nude tights and what are the pros and cons of wearing them. However, we start with something that is familiar to all of us – the black tights. Women wear black tights because they feel it goes with all outfits and adds a finished look to the outfit but they are definitely visible.

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Nude tights have that invisible look that will match the color of your skin, which means that you can not only protect your legs from the cold but also ensure that your skin looks smooth and without blemishes. The advantage is that you will have a formal look and feel and this will ensure that your outfit looks complete. And if you are one of those who feels that the skin on your thighs is not smooth enough to be revealed, then wearing tights with your shorts is a good compromise.

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nude tights 4However, the negative aspect to this is that a pair of nude tights may draw the eye to less than shapely legs and make you feel conscious about it. In case you feel that your legs are not as shapely as you want them to be, then it is better to go with darker tights.

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The day you start feeling shy about wearing that short dress you have especially in a crowd that you are not in sync with is the day nude tights will become your biggest advantage. Wearing nude tights will allow you to retain your poise no matter what.

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The disadvantage to the nude tights is that if you do not find an exact match to your skin color, then the difference will be so glaring that people will keep staring at your legs and this can lead to an awkward situation.

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The warming effect that your tights will have on your legs even if your dress is a bit skimpy in the leg area cannot be described. However, on the flip side if you are going through weather that is changeable, then wearing tights can create a stiflingly warm feeling that is not at all comfortable.

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The thing about tights is that they do help complete a dress or an outfit by ensuring that your legs look flawlessly groomed and smooth even if they are not. They complete the look and make you feel confident, however, limiting yourself to this look can make your dressing style monotonous. We feel that when it comes to the use of nude tights in your wardrobe, you need to treat as just another element that adds to your style rather than the central theme around which you base your whole dressing style.

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But do remember that if you are aiming to wear nude tights, they should be of a color that is as close to your skin color as possible or else the results could be disastrous.