The Absolute Shoe Care Guide

The Absolute Shoe Care Guide

When it comes to most aspects of fashion, men have been known to complain that they do not get as much attention as women do. But when it comes to shoes, we believe that men are luckier not just because of the choices they have which are not that vast but due to the comfort factor that is available to them when it comes to shoes. This is not the case with women’s shoes as comfort is something that is often sacrificed when it comes to shoes. However, now that we have said that men’s shoes, we can all agree that they are definitely more comfortable and since the choices are limited, they may be worn frequently which means that they need a lot of care. That is why when you look at men’s formal shoes going by the current trend, also make it a point to check out the way to take care of them as well. It is all well to invest in classic brogues shoes for men and women but it is also important to take good care of them while you are at it as they would cost you quite a bit too.

While we are on the subject of men’s shoes and the absolute shoe care guide, we also beseech you to check out fabulous fashion tips and 20 smart dress and shoes matching ideas. Shoes are something that are not only essential for the health of your feet but also to ensure that you look smart at all times. What is more, we are sure that you have invested substantially in your shoes and it would indeed be a good idea to ensure  that they are in good condition for both the health of your pocket as well as your shoes.

Here are some tips:

Leather shoes: Good leather shoes are sure to cost you a packet especially if you are going for good quality and brand. As a matter of fact, we feel that you should invest in good quality leather shoes if that is what you are required to wear.

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Dry and clean: In case you have worn your leather shoes out in weather that is humid and wet, then it is a good idea to dry them out. The best way to dry out leather shoes is to let them dry by air instead of using something like a hairdryer or an iron as these can harm the leather and spoil the shoe forever. You would also be well-advised to stuff your shoes with paper that can absorb damp like newspaper inside the shoes before you hang them to dry.

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Keeping them in shape: When worn over a period of time, you will find that leather shoes can lose their shape. To ensure that this does not happen, do buy some cedar shoe trees to ensure that the tree keeps the shoes in good shape. This will have them smelling good and also ensure that any moisture in the shoes are absorbed by the cedar wood.

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Swap between pairs: Since leather shoes are delicate and precious, it makes sense to wear other pairs once in a while to ensure that one particular pair does not get worn out too much.

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Getting rid of salt stains: You can get salt on your shoes due to many reasons and the best way to get rid of these, is to wipe the shoes with a cloth that is dipped in  a bit of vinegar mixed with water. You can then pat the shoes dry with a soft towel to remove the moisture.

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Suede shoes: These are exceptionally comfortable and smart to wear but they also need a bit of finicky care. One of the ways to ensure that the suede shoes are protected by the elements is to spray it on with silicone based protector spray in a color that is as close as possible to the color of the shoes.

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Polishing shoes: You will need to have a different kind of polish for leather shoes and one for suede shoes. Ensure that you clean the shoes of any dirt before applying the shoes. It is always a good idea to let the shoes absorb the polish and let them dry out completely before putting them away. In the case of suede shoes, this is absolutely essential.

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Trainers: These are worn by most men due to the comfort factor and the fact that they allow you to be more active. Cleaning these shoes is fairly simple as most of them can be completely soaked in soapy water, rinsed off and left to dry. But do ensure that the shoes are completely dried before wearing them again.

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Storage: Since leather shoes are a bit delicate,  it is best to store them in shoe bags to ensure that they do not get scuffed. When it comes to suede shoes, it is better not to put them in bags and allow them to breathe. When it comes trainers, you can stuff them with absorbent paper and stow them away to ensure they stay dry and clean.        The Absolute Shoe Care Guide0081