Sizzling And Sensual Super Hot Surplice Tops

Sizzling And Sensual Super Hot Surplice Tops

Once in a while you want to step out of your house looking as if you want to slay everyone on your path with your sizzling looks but you don’t want to go overboard. If you are the kind who does not want to commit to too much skin exposure but still want to look attractive, then the surplice top is the way to go. To put it simply, a surplice top or neckline is a neckline or bodice that crosses diagonally and forms a deep v neck. It is a bit different from the simply elegant and timeless round neck dresses and tops, in that it is a bit more obvious. But having said that, it does not become too obvious but makes it look as if your cleavage look happenstance. In fact, if you think about it, then you will realize that the surplice neck could be considered a nice compromise that falls between round neck and super shirtwaist dresses for smart and superb dressing.

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The surplice neck dress or top has a drape which either hangs a bit a just below the bust  line or seems to veer towards the waist line. This basically means that you can adjust the amount of cleavage that you want to show by deciding how deep the v neck should be. Having a dress or a nice top with the super hot surplice neckline could be among the flirty party outfits for girls to wear when they want to look good but also be comfortable by not making the dress too tight.

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Here Are Some Reasons That You Should Have At Least One Surplice Top Or Dress In Your Wardrobe:

It frames your breasts: Many a times you feel a bit bloated around the tummy area and this can make you uncomfortable at such times to wear a fitted dress. But at the same time you do not want to look dowdy. A good compromise is to wear a dress or top with a surplice neckline. This tends to draw the eye of the onlooker to the breasts as this top tends to frame them in an attractive manner.

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It cinches the waist: Leveraging the above point, you also have to consider that since the surplice top or dress drapes inwards from the shoulders towards the waistline. This means that it can provide a slight illusion of making the waist and tummy area look as if it cinches to a certain extent.

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It can make your figure look better: When your breasts are framed well and your waist is cinched and any fat around your tummy area is camouflaged, then obviously your figure will look better. If you want to accentuate this effect, then you will do well to pick out surplice neck dresses or tops in materials that tend to stay true to your body rather than those that are thicker or stiffer.

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It does not look as if you are trying too hard: Girls and women can be quite contradictory; they want to look good but do not want to look as if they are trying too hard. They want to look good but in a distinctly subtle manner that makes you look nice and classy but sensually attractive.

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We are sure that you will have already looked at the images we have interspersed throughout this article and will agree that surplice tops can look great. But we also want to caution you that this kind of neckline, can be a bit difficult to handle unless the dress or top is well-fitted. That is why you need to make your choices carefully.