Simple, Slick And Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles That Shout Out Chic

Simple, Slick And Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles That Shout Out Chic

We are sure that there are many hairstyles not to mention hair trends out there but one of the hairstyles that has stood the test of time is the ponytail. Not only is the ponytail simple to do, it is also a great way to save a bad hair day and to look striking without that much fuss. What more can we ask of a mere hairstyle? We are sure that you can think of a lot of things but the bottom line is that the sleek ponytail is both practical and pretty while letting you stay cool which is not something we can always claim for other hairstyles. While we are on the subject of ponytails, we should tell you that there are plenty of cute ponytail hairstyles and tutorials to go with them to keep you grinning.

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And if you think that all the ponytail had to offer was the one that you do on the center, then you should do well to check out attractive side ponytail hairstyles for girls. The thing is that the ponytail is simply not just that but takes it to another level as long as you are willing to experiment. The best part of a sleek ponytail is that it looks very good when you are wearing an elaborate evening gown or a party dress but does not look out of place when you are wearing a suit too. The best quality of the ponytail is that it works on casual outfits too and could be among the fantastic gym outfits for girls and women as their go-to hairstyle.

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As you can see from the images that we have given along with this article, the sleek ponytail is just a type of hairstyle but it is not really one single hairstyle. It is actually a category of a hairstyle that allows you to experiment in many ways. The first thing is a sleek ponytail can be done as simply and sportily as you want or in the form a very dramatic one. The dramatic ponytail needs some chutzpah to carry out and for this to look good, you should be confident that you can carry it off. This takes on the form of a severe center parting with the hair slicked back and tied in a simple ponytail at the back of your neck to lie at the base. This sleek ponytail will draw the eye to your cheekbones, lips, and eyes, a fact that you can use to make the most of.

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Another variant of the sleek ponytail would involve pulling all your hair back smoothly and tying it up at the center and top of your head. There are many variants of this – for instance, you can create a bouffant effect for part of your hair while slicking back the rest in a nice silky ponytail. Or you can take part of your hair and wrap it around the tie that you have used to make the ponytail. Sometimes a sleek ponytail can look different just by letting a few tendrils drift down the side of your face to make it look more dramatic. You can also make the sleek ponytail look entirely different due to the placement that you choose for it.

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A high ponytail has a cute and quirky vibe, while a center ponytail can create a more serious almost semiformal manner and the ponytail that is tied really low will make it look more formal and sober. As you can see the deceptively simple ponytail can offer you many options in order to create a number of looks as per the occasion.