Here Is How You Can Improve Your Posture – An Absolute Guide

Here Is How You Can Improve Your Posture – An Absolute Guide

Have you noticed the way people around you sit, stand and walk? If you haven’t, then we advise you to do that and if you have, you will have noticed that most people slump when they walk, stand or for that matter do anything. This is because today with the modern world, we somehow seem to have lost the art of maintaining a good posture. And if you think good posture is important only from the health point of view, think again. There is no fun in you wearing fashions like feminine and flattering fishtail dresses for you to flirt with if you don’t have the posture right. in fact, if anything a bad posture will only spoil your look.

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That is why when you are sitting there admiring beautiful girls and high heels, know in your heart that this effect too would have been spoilt if the lady in question had not worked on her posture. By practicing the tips, we have given here for you to work on your posture, we feel that you can master the art of how to dress to look taller and slimmer.

Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Posture To A Large Extent:

Ensure that you rest the weight of your upper body on your bum while sitting: Just think, what happens when you have spent the better part of the day hunched in front of the computer? Your neck is aching, your back is sore and all you want to do is lie down, stretch and get the kinks out. This is because most of us sit in such a way that the weight of our upper body falls on the spine itself and this can be harmful. Actually sitting straight enough to let the weight of the upper body fall on the buttocks can be a bit difficult to do at first, but will help you in the long run. One of the easier ways to improving your posture is by first telling yourself you want to look taller. Then practice sitting with a straight back and with your bums sticking out at least for ten minutes per hour. The key here is to sit straight but avoiding holding yourself stiffly.

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Work out which is the right posture for you: You have to realize that each of us is unique in the way we are built and this means that there is no one ideal posture for all to follow. But this could be confusing to many – because they really don’t know what is the right posture for them. Here are the three things that you should be looking for – one of the them is a small hollow just below the neck, a small curve in the center of your back and a small hollow in the area where your spine curves down to your bum. Another simple clue should be that by standing or sitting in this posture, you start feeling taller.

Believe us when we tell you, you start being perceived as taller when you start feeling even a bit taller. Another important clue is that if you are standing correctly, then a line drawn from your earlobe should end straight at the middle of your ankle.

The right angle is the right angle: When you are seated, the top portion of your body should form a ninety degree angle with your lower body and the same angle should apply from the thighs to the rest of your legs. And if you are able to work with your elbows at a right angle on the table, then you have gotten the posture right. The reason that we said that the right angle is the right angle is because of this.

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Once you work on your posture, you will find that you have actually added a lot to your confidence and personality not to mention your health. By standing straight, you are actually ensuring that your body weight is distributed properly and this means that your waist area benefits and this could impact your digestion. Since you lungs are in the position that they should be in, you breath better and this again improves your  health. The legs and the back are no longer under strain and this means you can be more active than ever.

By standing straighter and taller, you are also giving you confidence vibes that will allow others to perceive you as more attractive and charming. You will find that the small aches and pains that made you irritable at the end of the day no longer bother you thereby positively impacting your social life. We can actually wax poetic about the benefits of the right posture, but we would rather that you practice it and share what you feel with us.