Creative Contrast Color Dress To Keep You Colorful

Creative Contrast Color Dress To Keep You Colorful

We all know that when it comes to colors and color combinations, there are some colors that work well with each other and some that are considered unusual enough to tickle people’s interests. For instance, people always consider black to be a good combination with white, blue with grey or yellow with orange and so on. In the same way the daring combinations or unusual color combinations would include navy blue with black or beige with white or pink with red or maroon. But there are some color combinations that go beyond being matching or unusual and these are the contrasting colors. you can learn about dressing in contrasts and take down some notes on it to make a splash no matter what you go.

contrast color dress 1

contrast color dress 2

contrast color dress 4

We are talking about absolute contrasts here not some matching or unusual color combinations. The kind of contrast that comes from a very cute and feminine girl finding ways to look cool in army pants which would indeed be a contrast albeit a different one. Or going formal with prim and proper pencil dresses for the fit you that look proper but display your figure nevertheless.

contrast color dress 5

contrast color dress 7

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Here Are Different Ways In Which You Can Work In Contrasts In The Way You Dress:

Disconnected colored dress: Just imagine a dress that is made of broad strips of black and white all over the body but ending with an orange or yellow border. This sort of contrast could be done up in different ways and by adding contrasting colors in either vertical or horizontal stripes or in the form of a floral motif.

contrast color dress 9

contrast color dress 10

contrast color dress 11

Combine and disconnect: Imagine wearing a colorful skirt in a mix of colors with a floral print. The skirt could have a white background with huge blue flowers on it. And you combine this with a fire engine red top which is in complete contrast with the skirt.

contrast color dress 12

contrast color dress 14

contrast color dress 16

Intermingling of colors: Wear a nice dress that is conventionally designed with a flowing skirt but the colors used are in complete contrast to each other. For instance it could be composed of long horizontal panels of blue and maroon.

contrast color dress 17

contrast color dress 18

contrast color dress 21

Plain with printed: Imagine a simple and sober dress in a dull color like a grey or brown. And then touches of contrasting colors could be added to this dress at the collar, sleeve hems and maybe as a sash in a floral print cloth that is in no way connected with the color of the base dress.

contrast color dress 22

contrast color dress 23

contrast color dress 25

Combine three or more colors: You can also wear contrasts in a very orderly manner. For instance you can have dress that combines unusual colors like pink, black and orange systematically in a simple dress. The skirt could be orange in color, the bodice in pink and the sleeves in black. While this sounds weird, it will look really good when worn with confidence.

contrast color dress 26

contrast color dress 27

contrast color dress 30

Mixing prints for contrast: Imagine a dress that has floral prints in the skirt area and checks in the top portion and dots in the sleeve area. This is truly a contrasting dress, one that you will have to be courageous to carry off.

contrast color dress 31

contrast color dress 32

contrast color dress 35

We can go on about the kind of contrasting dresses that you can wear. The images will help you visualize some options in this regard. We are sure that most of you who are not used to dressing in such a manner, would hesitate in going for it but once you do, it will grow on you. That is the beauty of contrasts – while they may not have a symmetry, they have a unique appeal all their own.