Beautiful And Bewitching Bell Sleeve Dresses

Beautiful And Bewitching Bell Sleeve Dresses

We may have said this before but we feel one cannot say this enough – fashion can be a bit dramatic. Well, we may have to modify this statement to say that fashion is definitely dramatic. But how dramatic it is going to be is something that is decided by the person who is using or enjoying that particular fashion. Some of us love the drama, embrace it and sometimes even chase it in our journey to seek it but some of us may want to have a control over the drama and would want to regulate how much is good for us. The fact is, drama in dressing can be good as long as you can carry it off. In some instances, it is drama that keeps us from becoming too staid. Take for example – long sleeves. Long sleeves are good they cover and protect but can be a bit boring at times. One of the way you can add a bit of drama to it is by adding bell sleeves to them. To get it right, you will have to know about different types of sleeves and some tips on what to pick.

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If you are still not sure what a bell sleeve is all about, it is the kind of sleeve that is fitted at the top, that is when it starts at the shoulder and flares quite a bit at above the elbow level. It looks like a bell when you have your arms hanging close to your body. As we all know,       long sleeves can have a certain comfort factor like the way simple shrug dresses to make you feel comfortable but they do tend to be a bit on boring side. If you are considering how to look radiant in ruffled dresses worn in the right way, then a bell sleeve is a good way to go.

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This is because like a lace dress that has an old fashioned elegance, the bell sleeve too has the same aura. What is more, when you consider that lace can be a bit scratchy around the arms especially for those with sensitive and delicate skin, it makes sense to have a bell style sleeve. When you look at the pictures that accompany this article, then you will realize that the bell sleeve dress has an elegance that is mixed with an element of innocence. One of the ways you can play this factor off is by creating an opposite effect with a shorter dress or a plunging neckline or with tighter fitting jeans worn with a top that has bell sleeves.

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While there is much to be recommended about the flared sleeve dress, the thing to remember is that you should try not to go overboard. Because while a flared sleeve is cute, adorable, bewitching and comfortable, it is also a bit over the top. That means you will need to ensure that you are balancing it well. One of the ways that this can be done is by making other elements of your outfit a bit more edgy. For instance, you could combine the bell sleeve top with a sharp and short tight denim skirt.

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There is a certain bohemian chic to the bewitching and beautiful bell sleeve dress that begs the gypsy or hippie within you to step out and let out the vibes. That is why you will see that the bell sleeve dress works very well with tie and dye fabrics and looks amazing with beads and feathers. But that does not mean that it would not work well with completely modern outfits.