Rocking And Radical Rockabilly Fashion For That Rare Retro Look

Rocking And Radical Rockabilly Fashion For That Rare Retro Look

Fashion trends come and go and no doubt one has a personal style repertoire that one tries to match up with these so that you look your best. If you are not already doing this, then you should start working on it so that you look your best at all times. But that is not what this article is all about; in fact, it is about derailing your fashion train from the regular style route on to something daring. It is about rockabilly fashions that will have you swooning with joy. What is rockabilly, you must be wondering and also think this sounds more like part of a nursery rhyme and cannot be surely part of fashions, but believe is when we say it is. Okay, now that we have your attention, let us tell you that rockabilly is the mix of many retro music styles and is a fashion trend that is associated with the way fans of music groups used to dress based on their rock idol or group used to dress. And if you have looked at old music videos, you would know that each music group had a distinctive way of dressing. There could be some constants like darling denim skirts that never go out of fashion but even then keep in mind the cut and style of the denim skirt will change as per the era it is worn in.

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And don’t be surprised if it draws some elements from simple and sexy Korean fashion looks for extra kicks. It should not surprise you at all since these fashions do tend to exaggerate the femininity of a woman and make them look demure in one aspect but also unexpectedly sexy and delicate. Exploring what rockabilly fashions will work for you may take you to areas and bring forth questions like how can tunic tops help you turn out looking smart and fashionable and the answer is in many ways.

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Now getting back to what elements go into a rockabilly fashion look, you will need to think in terms of how the members of your favorite music group were dressed like. For instance, the body hugging single piece shiny pant and top combos that members of Abba used to wear can be something that you can adapt but with a few tweaks. Or if you are into cutesy stuff, then go with country music groups where the women used to wear those deceptively cute and simple short frocks along with a head scarf. Or when they used to wear those high waist jeans. It is a matter of what you find attractive and what makes you look attractive.

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The thing about the rockabilly fashion looks is that there is no wrong or right when it comes to these fashions.  All you need to find out are the elements that you like to try on and find out whether they are flattering to your looks or not. In most instances, you should go with those fashion elements that have you longing for them to come back as you know that you would rock the look. Please note that dressing in rockabilly fashions would mean that you will get a lot of attention as you will stand out.

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So if you are looking for something that lets you blend into the crowd or become a wallflower, then the rockabilly look is not at all for you. It is about being bold and being individualistic by combining rock and pop styles of dressing from the past. Do ensure that you add touches like the right makeup and accessories to make the look complete.