15 Items Every Woman’s Wardrobe Must Have

15 Items Every Woman’s Wardrobe Must Have

If you are a woman in today’s world, your plate is overflowing we are sure. A woman today is expected to be smart, well put together, well dressed and always prepared for almost any situation. And if you know women even a little bit, then you should know that it all starts with her wardrobe. A woman who has a well thought out and prepared wardrobe can afford to concentrate on other things. So when you come across girls wearing the little black dress, you know that they have made the effort and taken the time to buy one and keep it in their wardrobe it tip top shape <insert images of women in the little black dress here>. Another wardrobe item that women cannot think of their wardrobe without is a good pair of jeans though they have to learn about the best ways to wear those skinny jeans to the best advantage.

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However, another thing that women seem too feel is an inevitable part of their wardrobe is their shoes and this means that this item will also feature in the list of must have items in a woman’s wardrobe. But we would be really remiss if we did not mention darling denim skirts that never go out of fashion to feel as if you always have your youth around.

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Now that we have managed to fully grab your attention, here we give you a list of 15 items you must have in your wardrobe in order to appear well dressed and smart for any occasion:

A little black dress: The little black dress is like a unicorn, which means that it has magical qualities. But what makes it better than a unicorn, is that you can actually find the little black dress for you if only you are honest and sincere in your search for it. You need to be honest to find the right fit for you and sincere in your relentless efforts to find it. But once you do, ensure that you take good care of it because it is going to save you from badly dressed so many times.

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A nice pair of jeans: A good pair of jeans that slides on your body like a second skin without bunching or pulling is worth its weight in gold. All you need then is a good collection of tops to go with them. But the thing about jeans is that they can wear out from constant use and this means you will have to begin your search all over again.

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A classical white shirt: A classic white shirt is a great asset to have in your wardrobe when you are making that presentation or have to go for an interview. This is something that you can buy in certain quantities once you have the style down so that you have a sparkling white shirt to combine with anything like a skirt or pant.

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A comfortable and pretty skirt: This skirt should be in your style like fitted at certain places and flared at the right place. This skirt need not be really short or too long but has to be at the right length so that you can use it in a pinch for most occasions.

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A soft and comfortable pair of shoes: Hopefully this comfortable pair of shoes are black and in leather. This has to be soft and well fitting with heels that are moderate and of the style that you like best so that you do not minding standing for a while or even walking when wearing them.

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Red shoes: Red shoes may not work with all kinds of outfits but can provide your mood with an instant lift. These shoes can be used for party wear or with jeans when you are going out on a special date even if you are going to combine with a skirt or faded jeans.

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Pearl necklace: A pearl necklace is a tad pricey but will always look good as it is something that is soft, pretty, classic and lady like. A necklace like this can be worn with formal, informal as well as party wear.

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A bag for casual occasions: This bag needs to be big and roomy so that you can basically throw anything and everything inside as you go about your chores or even setting out for your date.

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An formal bag: As far as possible, ensure that you invest in a good bag that is mostly made of leather that is smart and if possible timeless. This will make you look smart whether you are going to office or out on official chores.

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Great undergarments: This will ensure that you are always smart on the outside and feel comfortable no matter what you do. Since the undergarments by their very definition are worn underneath, many women do not invest time or efforts in this but this would be a big mistake.

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A go to lipstick color: Always have that special signature color of lipstick available on hand so that you can slick it on or slather it on as per the demands of the occasion. You will have to do some research and seek the opinion of close and honest friends to arrive at this color.

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Dressy earrings: A pair of long dangling earrings that you can wear with anything is a must to have in your wardrobe.

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A denim jacket: A denim jacket is something that you can wear with informal clothing and will make you feel good so do invest in a good one.

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A lovely formal jacket: In most instances this has to be black or if that is not your color, this has to be smart and well fitting.

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A neutral sweater: This has to be a sweater in a color that is most flattering for you as well as being in a  color that can be worn with many different outfits. In most instances, this sweater will come in handy to complete your outfit.

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We hope you like the list.