40 Evergreen Top Knot Hairstyles

40 Evergreen Top Knot Hairstyles

When the weather outside is warm or hot or humid, we feel like simply scraping all your hair back and tying it in a knot. This will probably provide you plenty of comfort from the heat as hair that falls on your face can be quite uncomfortable in the heat and humidity of the summer days. But then it is not the most attractive way to do your hair. Then, what are you supposed to do? It is not that difficult actually; you can go for the evergreen top knot hairstyle. Which is essentially some part of your hair combed back and tied up and some of it let to flow around you to frame that face of yours. It goes without saying that the amount of hair you pull back in a knot and the amount you want to leave open. While you are on the subject of evergreen top knot hairstyles, we suggest you also look at simple and stylish outfits with top bun so that you have the whole look down pat. And just because we are talking about top knot hairstyles, does not mean that it has to be simple and in a single style.

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There are twisted bun hairstyles and tutorials for you to look at and adapt so that you look cute and pretty in any state. In fact, with the top knot, the one thing that will make you feel good is that as long as your hair is not cut within inches of your scalp, you can manage to scrape it back into a knot. Once you are sure that you can actually put up your hair in a knot top, you can look at the sexy and easy bun hairstyle tutorials for you.

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We all know about the top knot being evergreen because it is both cool and hot at the same time. It makes the wearer feel cool as all the hair is scraped back and tied at the top of the head. It looks hot because knotting the hair on top of the head makes the woman’s neck and ears more visible. But that is not all, the fact is though the top knot seems like a single hairstyle, it is not as it offers many options on how you go about doing it.

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For starters, you could go with an actual knot if your hair is long enough and pliable enough to be knotted on top of your head. This is the purist way of doing things when you comb your hair back and then sweep your hair up knot it and then what remains after knotting, you simply tuck it away in the tight knot so that nothing is visible. However, this way of knotting your hair may not always be possible simply because your hair is too thick or not long enough or that doing it this way makes you feel uncomfortable.

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Another simpler and probably neater way to do the top knot is to sweep your hair up into a comfortable ponytail of the right height. Then you may take the hair hanging from your ponytail, twist it and then tie it up in a circular knot with the help of a tie or a scrunchie.

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One more way to do the evergreen top knot is to twist the hair up into a loose knot and then skewer it with a bun pin. This makes the knot look a bit loose and lets you arrange a few tendrils on the side of the face and neck artfully to frame your face.

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There is also the option of the false top knot in which you tie the hair into a ponytail midway up at the back of the head. Then you pick up the hair in the ponytail and pin it to the area above the base of the ponytail. You will have a bun like effect when you tuck the edges of your hair with a pin just below the base of the ponytail. You will have to use hairspray to keep the bun standing and the effect of this knot will be rather dramatic. So you may not always be able to have this on for casual occasions.

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We are sure there are many more ways to do the top knot that involves a looser or tighter knot, or in the side of the head to name just a few. Do let us know what you think after looking at the images we have given here for top knot choices.