Crisp Crinkle Dresses To Make You Feel Cool And Casual

Crisp Crinkle Dresses To Make You Feel Cool And Casual

Have you ever come across someone who is wearing a dress or shirt or skirt that looks as if it is wrinkled but in a very slight and orderly manner? But when you try the not so well ironed look, then it only turned up looking as if you are only clumsy but the other person ended up looking utterly charming. Why do you think that is so? That is because it was most likely that the other person whom you looked on with envy and longing was not wearing a dress that was not wrinkled but one that was crinkled. Crinkled, you ask, what does that mean actually? And how is that different from being wrinkled? If you want a simple difference, then you have to know that crinkling is deliberately done but wrinkling occurs due to improper ironing or not ironing at all. You will understand the concept better when you look at crisp and crackling crepe dresses to dress grandly.

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While we all want to look pretty and perfect as a picture with pleated skirts, we may often hesitate because we feel that we are a tad heavier around the hip and waist area than we want to be. But the crinkled skirt would work perfectly here. This is because though the crinkled skirt would still have enough circumference to allow you to move around freely, it would not have the bulk that comes from pleats. Instead the crinkling of the fabric creates a slightly stretchy feeling that tends to make the skirt skim along your curves making them look trimmer and ensuring that you can actually move around freely. While we can all look longingly and wish that we could wear titillating tulle dresses to look soft and sensual, it could tend to make you look larger than you are. And on most women, it will probably appear as lamb dressed up as mutton, a phenomenon that we want to avoid at all costs.

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There are few dressing options in life that allow you to feel comfortable and confident but also look really attractive and shapely. But we can say that if you are careful in your selection of color and cut for a dress made of crinkled up fabric, you could have it all. You could look slimmer than you are but the stretchy effect would ensure that you are not feeling trussed up when you wear a tighter dress. At the same time, you have a flattering silhouette going. This kind of fabric will work as well in a simple house dress that you wear to feel comfortable and cool while going about finishing your chores or when you go out shopping. Or it could work for a casual date or even a party by picking out the right color, fabric and print with the crinkle effect.

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If you still cannot grasp your mind around this concept, then think in terms of the fabrics that would probably be used by belly dancers for their pants. If you have noticed, the pants are loose to ensure that they can move freely. But they cling enough to show a hint of the curves underneath. They look as if they have crinkles or creases but running in an orderly manner to suggest that they have been done deliberately rather than by clumsy handling.

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They say that a picture can convey a message worth many words, and that is why we always punctuate our articles with images to show you what our words are trying to say. Do look at the images and share your thoughts with us.