Pretty And Perfect Printed Silk Dresses

Pretty And Perfect Printed Silk Dresses

When it comes to silk dresses, we tend to think in terms of plain dresses that are sharply cut to look as if the wearer has been literally sewn into it. The idea is a sensuous and sleek dress that has a subtle sheen that ensures that people feel that the dress was expensive, which in most cases it was. However, the printed silk we are talking about is more of the oriental type to give you a rough idea about it. If you have been wanting to scintillate others with the sensuous delight of silk dresses, but have hesitated because it is too simple and sober, then the printed silk dresses are the right way to go. It is a look that could not be more different than the one you create with enchanting and comfortable embroidered cotton dresses, but both have their own elegance.

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But we are not talking about the cool and understated elegance of plain silk here but rather something akin to original and awesome oriental prints to wear to an advantage.

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Printed silk is something that many women hesitate to wear because they feel that it may not look as sober as it should, but there is no need for you to worry at all. You could start looking at silk that is printed with smaller designs or ones that almost look as if they have no design on them at all. Another way to make the printed silk dress look not very obvious is by making the top portion of the dress plain and scattered print towards the hem area.

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If you are really feeling bold with the way you want to go with your printed silk dress, then you can go with a silk dress that has large floral prints. But no matter how bold you are feeling, we feel it would be better if you went with one kind of print on your silk dress instead of a mix of prints. This is because the shine and sheen of silk makes it obvious enough and then if you add the print it becomes even more noticeable. You would only be spoiling the effect of the printed silk dress if you were to add a mix of prints. It would only make the dress look too busy and take away from the charm of the dress.

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But if you feel having the same print all over the dress, is a bit too dull, then you can have same prints that starts out light on the top portion and becoming intense as it goes down. And one more point to be considered, is that the prints need not always be floral. In fact, polka dots is another print that could work very well with silk as would stripes. You could also consider going for oriental motifs that look really good on silk. Another way to make your printed silk dress look even more special is by adding a shiny border to it.

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The thing about silk is that it is a natural fabric, which makes it great to wear. But the delicate nature of the fabric means that you cannot really use it too roughly and will have to spend a certain amount of time, efforts, and money on the maintenance of these dresses. Though they are a bit difficult to maintain and on the expensive dress, the impact that printed dresses create make them worth the effort you put into them. What do you say? Do you like plain silk dresses or do you prefer printed ones? Do let us know what you think.