How To Pack For A Stylish Summer Vacation

How To Pack For A Stylish Summer Vacation

If you are going on a summer vacation and that too for the tropics, you have to know that you are lucky and that people around you will be feeling pale because they are not going and green with envy for the same reason. A summer vacation in most instances, means a lot of time out in the sun and if you are really lucky, then you get to spend time on the beach too. This means that you need to pack for a vacation that is bound to expose you to lots of sun and but without compromising on the style quotient. This means holiday dresses – the right way to dress when out on vacation. But travel also means that you have to pack efficiently to ensure that your luggage is not too heavy or cumbersome. You can always wear complete white on white outfits for this summer but this again may require a lot of maintenance and upkeep from your end.

While you need to balance the need for lighter colored clothing with practicality, it does not mean that you cannot wear stylish clothing for every occasion that may arise when you are out on a summer vacation. There are many cool and easy road trip outfits that will make it simpler for you to pack.

Along with what to pack for a nice summer vacation where you always look stylish, we also wish you a happy holiday:

swim suit 1

swim suit 2

swim suit 3

swim suit 4

A few swimsuits: When you are setting out on that summer holiday, do ensure that you pack a few swimsuits and not just one. This could include a couple of bikinis and a couple of one piece swimsuits. You will soon realize that constant exposure to sun and sand can make it difficult for you to wear the same suit two days running.

light dresses 1

light dresses 2

Some cover ups: Lazing about and lying around soaking up the warmth could be your ultimate goal but you will have to walk or ride or drive to reach that place and back. Which is why you need some cover up clothing like a sarong or an easy wrap or some such items of clothing. Do keep some wraparound clothing or dresses that you can throw on and remove when needed.

tank tops 2

Shorts and tank tops: Part of summer holidays is that you need to take on sporty activities and this means wearing shorts and tank tops. Do pack a few cotton shorts and tank tops to ensure easy movement and loads of fun.

breezy dresses 1

breezy dresses 2

Easy shirt dresses: Sometimes you may have to spend time exploring the city and the sights around the place, and to do so you have to have some cute shirt dresses that will ensure that you are comfortable and look smart at the same time.

sheer dresses 1

sheer dresses 2

Sundresses: A couple of cute sundresses can come in handy to wear when you are invited out to have fun at a campfire or on a date or to a party. There is nothing better than a sundress to capture the summer fun.

footwear 1

footwear 2

Awesome footwear: Since a summer vacation will mean that you have to walk around and move about, your footwear has to be comfortable, pretty and cool. Do ensure that you have a mix of heels and flats to be able to do all the activities that you want to.

accessories 1

accessories 2

Cute accessories: Nothing shrieks summer louder than sunglasses, a cute hat and some other such accessories. Do ensure that you add a handful of accessories that will work with a lot of outfits to ensure that you can dress up or down as needed.