O Neck Dresses That Will Have Others Going Ah!

O Neck Dresses That Will Have Others Going Ah!



What is an o neck dress? Have you ever seen a dress that has a u neck in the back and front? You must know by now what we are talking about – the scintillating yet deceptively simple neck like that is round at the front and the back to form an o if you look at it from the top view. The thing about this o neckline is that it is not as blatant as the v neck which is in your face but somehow subtler than that. That is not to say that there are no pretty v-neck outfits to look free but that the o neck has its own place in the world of fashion. The thing is the o neck is a much softer look especially depending on how deep or shallow you keep the cut. This means you can go with an o neck dress that is suitable enough to be worn for your first meeting with the in-laws – it would be that demure.

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On the other hand, you have o neck dresses or tops that are deep enough that you look subtly sexy but not obviously so. When this happens and you are wearing such an outfit to a party, then you should take a look at amazing necklace designs for you to wear with such an outfit. You can also work at making the most of this neckline. You can also learn how long necklaces add grace and elegance to your ensemble.

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In case it has not dawned on you, we have to tell you that the o neck dress can be very versatile. And if you are still not clear, then think of the pinafores that are worn by young girls at school as a uniform and you will realize the truth of what we mean. And it is not at all unusual to imagine a dress that is deeply cut enough to show a cleavage at a party. We all want both the dress options for us at different times. And we can even go formal and casual with o neck dresses and tops.

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If you are still not convinced, then think of simple cotton t-shirt we reach out when dressing casually whether it is for a workout or for a simple outing to be worn with jeans or shorts as the situation warrants. The most common neckline that most t-shirts have whether it is for men or women is the round neck – which is another word for the o neck. Even the halter neck top can take on the o shape and be demure and daring at the same time.

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Another simple way to have a dress that quickly converts from official wear to casual wear is by wearing a dress or top with a slightly deep o neck covered with a smart jacket. Wearing a jacket would ensure that the top looks right for office wear. But when you are stepping out in the evening for a casual date or outing, all you need to do is remove the jacket and adjust the neckline to be a bit deeper. Adding a simple necklace or even a scarf will make the outfit look complete.

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If you are a woman who does not like to dress in an attractive manner but not too obviously, we feel that the o neck would be a blessing. It could balance both the expectations at the same time and look great especially if you have nice collarbones and an attractive neck area.

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What do you think about o neck? Do you agree with our assessment of the neckline? Do let us know what you think.