Minimalist Mom Wardrobe For The Smart And Fashionable Mother

Minimalist Mom Wardrobe For The Smart And Fashionable Mother

Motherhood is something that is glorified in our society and so it should be and this is because motherhood is not for the fainthearted. It requires something like a nine months and eighteen year commitment along with a lot of changes in your physical self and in the psychological level too. The thing is when you are pregnant, the changes in your body are anticipated and glorified and while it can be uncomfortable, it is also exalting to feel the new life growing within you. But once the baby is born, you will be eager to get back into smart clothes and would like to get your figure back. While all this is good to think about, it may not really be possible for you to spend the time on working out and dressing as stylishly as you used to before you had the baby since you will be strapped for time.  But do not despair, there are marvellous mother and daughter dressing to make you go mm to start with on your style journey. We are also going to give you some tips on minimalist mom wardrobe.

There are many superb mom outfits to look stylish and that too without much effort which is something that you will be grateful for. These can also double as off-duty outfit ideas for every woman out there to be looking smart and still be comfortable enough to do all their chores.

If you are a mom, then you know that your work is not just about being a mom; you are a nurse, a chef, a janitor, a cheerleader, an entertainer, a chauffeur, tech support among myriad other things. This means that she has to juggle all the roles mentioned here with that of being a wife and a career woman as well in most instances. This leaves no time for her to concentrate on herself. But this does not mean she does not feel the need to look good. That is why mom fashion has to be minimalist but smart and fashionable. To do that, you will need to do some planning and be sure that nothing in there conflicts with her role as a mom. Here are some basics that should be part of a minimalist mom wardrobe:

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Smart and well-fitting pants: Moms cannot afford to be fussy about the way they dress and this means wearing pants is a good idea. A couple of dark formal trousers and a few jeans can be important to have in the wardrobe. This ensures that she can look smart and feel comfortable as she keeps going about her chores. It also makes sense to have pants with pockets so that she can keep her bits and pieces in them.

comfortable tops 1

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Comfortable tops: A new mom could do well to have tops that button up in the front and are comfortable given that her size has gone up and she is breastfeeding. The tops need to be a mix of shirts for formal use and some stretchy comfortable ones for casual wear.

skirts 1

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Skirts that accommodate you well: Skirts are a bit tricky if the new mom is working on getting her body back in shape. In order to be comfortable and look smart, it is better to invest in skirts that fit well and are a bit stretchy.

casual dreses 2

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A few dresses that can be converted: Dresses that have a simple cut and that can be converted from casual to formal with the addition of a jacket are an essential part of the mom wardrobe.

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Loose shirts to be slung on: It also makes sense to have a few nice shirts to be slung on top of your jeans and t-shirts or with a skirt in case you feel a bit conscious of the way your body looks or just to add a smart touch.