Fabulous And Freakily Addictive Fringe Dresses

Fabulous And Freakily Addictive Fringe Dresses

There are some elements in the world of fashion and style that are so much fun that it is very easy to forget when to stop and easily go crazy about it. the fringe is one such factor that we can think of that fits this description. Even if you are one of those who is not fully aware of fashions, you may have noticed the fringe that can add a winsome and playful but still sexy aspect to any dress. You may come across the fringe feature in some native American designs in fashion and wondered how to inculcate it in your designs. We would have seen the use of fringe in an extravagant manner in movies and this could create a mental block for you using them.

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We would advise you not think of the fringe in that way and instead look at stylish hippie casual outfits where this feature has been adapted very well. Some of us may feel a bit conscious about clingy chiffon dresses all the way to sizzle at any do, and this may inhibit you. One of the ways to overcome this feeling is by adding a bit of fringe in the right way.

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Here Are Some Really Good Ways In Which You Can Use The Fringe Factor In Your Dressing Style:

As a cover up: Some dresses can be a bit clingy and tight and on certain days you may feel awkward wearing a dress like this. You can remedy this situation simply by adding a vest or jacket with fringes on them. This will not only ensure that you have an adequate cover up but also ensure that the dress does not look too bulky as it would if you had added a normal shrug or jacket.

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For rearranging slits: Some dresses have a big slit on them and this may be something that will work with your style and sensibilities but you may still want to wear a dress with a slit. The compromise in such instances is to wear a dress with fringes to cover the slits. This way you will have the slit but without it being too blatant.

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To make the silhouette better: Sometimes we feel that the fit of a dress is a bit off due to the way your body is shaped. In such instances, you will find that the addition of fringes in a clever way at these places can improve the silhouette of your dress. This can be a very simple fix to many of the dressing problems we have.

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Make the dress glamorous: The addition of shiny fringes or ones made in leather or some such other material will immediately take a simple dress and make it look glamorous. This can be done with addition of spangles and shiny beads to the fringes. Even the combination of a fringy top with a pair of jeans can be a great way to glam things up.

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For an interesting twist: Some dresses look bland and can make you feel too blah. The addition of fringes to a dress or top can make the dress or top look interesting. This can be done at any place like in the hem area or around the sleeves or even around the neck.

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As you can see, there are many ways you can use fringes to make your outfits look different and interesting. The images we have given here will give you plenty of food for thought but we also leave you with a caution. Do ensure that you use fringes in the right way and not go overboard with this.