20 Tips For Creating The Perfect Wardrobe

20 Tips For Creating The Perfect Wardrobe

A perfect wardrobe is something a girl dreams of when she is growing up having always had seen women who seemed to know how to dress up for any occasion. This may seem very difficult to do when you don’t have access to funds of your own and more importantly having no idea about your personal style quotient. But once you start working (translated to having your own funds), and learn to plan your wardrobe for the whole week, you will realize the need to create a perfect wardrobe. The first step towards this is to determine the 5 styles of dressing that your wardrobe should be ready for and go about organizing it.

well dressed lady

It not only means investing in quality skirt and pant suits but also learning about rhinestones and how they add glitz and glamor to your wardrobe.

Here we give 20 tips on how to create the perfect wardrobe:

As we said earlier, do invest in a couple of nice skirt suits and pant suits that can be worn with many tops and shirts.

Buy a couple of dresses that can be worn to office as well as a dinner date with the removal of a coat and the addition of a shawl or scarf.

fitting jeans

Do ensure that you have a couple of jeans that have a great fit and make you feel comfortable and look awesome at the same time.

Invest in some cute soft dresses that can be worn to the beach as well as to a casual date.

Have an awesome little black dress tucked away for a party or a special date. Ensure that you have a lot of accessories to make it work.

You will also need to invest in some solid shoes for work in tan and black that look good but are also comfortable to wear the whole day.

party shoes

Golden or silver or some metallic shoes to wear to parties.

A coat that will work on most outfits and occasions.

shawls and scarves

A range of stoles, shawls and scarves that will pep any outfit instantly.

Some smart exercise wear when you go out for a workout date or just to workout

office bags for women

A proper and expensive but sober bag that is ideal for office use. This should be a big one to fit in laptop, tablet and other devices.

A small glittery clutch to carry on dates and parties. This purse has to be big enough to fit in cellphone, credit cards and cash.

tote bag

A casual tote bag that you can take out when you go shopping or for casual outings with your girlfriends.

An awesome denim dress or tunic when you feel like going out while wearing a dress but do not want to go too dressy.

wraparound skirt

A couple of easy to wear and take off wraparound skirts or dresses that can be worn for an active outing.

Some casual skirts and tops that you can wear not only for a simple date or even to meet your prospective in-laws, just in case.

ear rings

Ensure that your wardrobe has simple earrings that work on your face shape in gold and a simple chain or a line of pearls to wear with your office wear to your office. Do invest in a good watch too.

Start collecting crystal earrings and shiny jewelry that you can wear when out on parties. These need not be diamonds or precious stones but they should have a shine to them.

natural make up

Invest in good quality makeup – sober and natural colors for work and bright colors to wear when you are going out.

Just for fun, invest in floppy soft slippers that you can wear when at home. These will ensure that your feet do not crack or get dirty.