The Simply Elegant And Timeless Round Neck Dresses And Tops

The Simply Elegant And Timeless Round Neck Dresses And Tops

Have you ever wondered why we take things that work out well and make you feel comfortable for granted? Take the round neck for instance, we do not spare a thought to how simple yet elegant this neckline and only notice the lack of comfort when you wear other uncomfortable cuts and fits. The round neck is considered almost vanilla, making it a non-option but it is indeed sad to think of something that is so basic and simple yet comfortable in that way. The first thing is the neckline fashion vocabulary and learn to decipher it in order to wear it right. You will find that in the neckline fashion vocabulary, there are many options that can be other styles and still have a rounded neck.

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You will also do well to learn how long necklaces add grace and elegance to your ensemble when you go with a simple neckline like the rounded neckline. While people wear the pretty v-neck outfits to look free, the round neck is a simple, elegant and classic style that will look good and feel comfortable.

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Until now we have emphasized the simplicity and elegance of the round neck but this does not mean that it cannot be sexy. It can indeed be very sexy but in a very subtle way without making you feel too conscious. In fact when you talk about the round neck and the way you can put it to the best usage, you ought to start thinking in terms of the kind of outfits that you would wear to meet prospective in-laws. Or if you want to look attractive but still sober when you are making an important presentation at office, the round neck blouse or dress is a good choice to go with.

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Another important benefit of wearing a round neck top or dress is that it is very easy to layer  with this kind neck and cut. This way even if you are wearing a round neck that is deeply cut, you can cover it up when you are in office and discard the shrug or stole or jacket when you are setting out for an evening out. The same outfit can serve both purposes which can be a major advantage if you are juggling too many activities at once.

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The round neck can not only be found on simple and soft cotton t-shirts that we wear for the most casual occasions, but also in dresses or outfits like the wedding dress. Such is the versatility of the round neck. It is simply a matter of how you deep the round neck would be and how it is styled and stitched.  At this point we would also ask you not to despair at how simple and basic the round neck sounds because it is anything but.

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Just think about it – even the turtleneck is a basically a round neck that is extended. So is the mock neck, the boat neck or the cowl neck or the halter neck if it is shaped that way. So now that we have provided you enough evidence to prove that though basic, simple and classic, the round neck is anything but boring. In fact, a slightly deeper round neck is something that is great for showing a bit of cleavage in a very subtle manner.

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As usual we leave you with enough visual proof in the form of images to support the points we have made above. Do look at them and you will be able to relate the visuals to the points we have made.