Magnificent And Versatile Mock Neck Dress

Magnificent And Versatile Mock Neck Dress

Do you (like many women around the world) sometimes wake up sweating and restless at night wondering what would happen if the fashion world became stagnant? We are sure most of us have these thoughts though not so dramatically as we have described it but this thought would nevertheless strike us. But we have some good news for you – the stagnation of the fashion world and the trends related to it will never happen. Now that we have pacified your fears let us tell you about this trend called mock neck, which while not new, has made a comeback after having fought the bad press it had. You may not find this style in the neckline fashion vocabulary as it is not a pure version but a modified version from the turtleneck.

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With the mock neck you need not worry about the fact that you do not have a long neck as you would if wore a turtleneck and learn how long necklaces add grace and elegance to your ensemble. As we said, the mock neck has a small strip high up but with the need to fold it like you would with the turtleneck. While there is a charm to the pretty v-neck outfits to look free, there is no doubt that some days call for the simple and modest mock neck.

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Some people even call the mock neck the mock turtleneck as it is almost that but not quite the same thing. Well, like the turtleneck, this neck also has the advantage of making your bosom look bigger and fuller than it is. Plus, you have the additional advantage of not going through the process of folding the collar as you would have to with a turtleneck dress or sweater or top. It also makes a great top to wear when you want to layer your outfit as it provides a great base for a shrug or light jacket.

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That means the mock neck is not only good for weather that is changeable being between cold and warm as a standalone but can also be combined with other apparel with ease. Another food for thought that we want to provide you here is that sometimes a person looks more alluring when they have covered up a bit rather than exposing it all without going overboard. The mock neck fits the bill perfectly when you want to dress this way.

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When you want to dress a bit safe and modest but still want to look attractive, then you can combine the mock neck with a dress or attire without sleeves. This also has the double advantage of making your bust-line look better and curvier. Another way you can make the mock neck work for you is by ensuring that a short dress looks great but not too revealing with the addition of this feature.

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The mock neck top or t-shirt also has the advantage of lying nice and flat when you want to wear a jacket or loose shirt on top. The mock neck top or tunic also comes in really handy when you are wearing a pair of leggings or tights with them by ensuring that your look is not too revealing and tight.

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What do you think of the mock neck? Do you think it is a good addition to your wardrobe? Do you think it is a smart addition to formal and casual dressing? Would you be more comfortable with a short dress if it had a mock neck rather than one that dips a bit? These are just some of the questions we want to ask you but only after we hear from you about your thoughts on the mock neck in general.