How To Curl Your Hair: 10 Essential Tips To Know

How To Curl Your Hair: 10 Essential Tips To Know

When it comes to hair, most girls and women will tell you that they are not fully satisfied with the way it looks. Some wish for hair of a different color or some for different hair type or for thicker hair and so on. However, you should know that you can change the way your hair looks at least in the short term by changing the color of the hair or by changing the texture of their hair. For instance, you can curl your hair or straighten it or wave it if needed. In this article, we will help you curl your hair like these literary wondrous curly hairstyles for medium hair. With the tips that we give you, you can curl your hair for a special occasion and that too without having to spend too much money on it by going to hairstylists.

By following these tips, we are sure that you can follow dazzling and unique medium length curly hairstyles for women. Once you master some of the simple and sometimes weird tips we have for curly hair, we are sure that you will even venture into trying adorable hippy hairstyles to make you look cool.

How To Curl Your Hair

Here we go:

braiding your hair

Braiding: One of the oldest and most natural ways to ensure that your hair has a lot of curl or waves in it is by braiding it into tight little plaits when the hair is still damp and then letting it dry. Once you leave it in this state for a while open the braids and you will see the curls.

curls with hot iron

Hot iron: The hot iron is a quick fix when it comes to curling your hair but you have to make sure that you master the technique and protect the hair properly while doing this.


Insert curlers: When you have time, then insert curlers on to your hair and leave it for some time so that you can set your hair accordingly.

twirling your hair

Twirling: This will work best when your hair is not freshly washed. Just take the length of your hair and twirl into two sections but ensure that you do it tight and proper. Once you release the twirled hair, you will see that the hair is curled.

french plait up

French plait up: Pull your hair forward and braid it tightly on top of your hair in the French style. Put your hair braids across the top of your head. When you open the braid, you will see intensely curled hair.

sock bun curls 2

Sock bun: Divide your hair into two sets one on top and one on the bottom. Make the hair into two tight sock buns and leave for some time. Opening the hair will make your hair curly.

headband curls

Headband: You can start with wearing a headband across the forehead on hair that is combed. Then take your hair by parts and fold it and tuck it into the headband till all the hair is done. Leave it overnight to get curls the next day.

hair tie curls

Hair tie: Tie hair into ponytail and then thread sections of the hair through hair ties to ensure that it stays that way. After you leave it like this overnight, you will get curls the next day.

hair straightener curls

Hair straightener: You can actually use your hair iron by twisting it in the hair and making the hair curl.

curl with gel

Gel and curl: This will only work if you already have slightly wavy hair but you can gel your hair and work it into curls with your hands.

We are sure that most of these methods of curling your hair will appeal to you but we do hope you will ensure that you use the less harmful methods to curl your hair if you have the time.