Fabulous Fashion tips; 20 Smart Dress and Shoes Matching ideas

Fabulous Fashion tips; 20 Smart Dress and Shoes Matching ideas

Shoes and dresses everywhere but not even one to wear – does this refrain sound familiar to you? We are sure that any woman worth her salt will get what we mean. It is just that most of us may have plenty to wear but still find that the wardrobe shows an amazing and alarming lack of choices. To ensure that you have plenty of smart dresses and matching shoes, you will need to think things through. For that to happen, you need to have some clothing staples you simply must have in your closet on the ready and updated. You also need to know about trendy women shoe ideas for your next purchase, which will enable you to be smartly turned out at all times.

We would suggest that the first thing you need to do is rethink your entire wardrobe. Take each piece and examine it to ensure that each of them work by themselves as well as individual pieces. Before you start planning on stylish high heels outfits to try in 2016, you will need to carry out this exercise in earnest.

Here Are Some Tips On Smart Dress And Matching Shoes Ideas:

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Black pumps work: Whether it is a simple outfit of a suit or a pair of jeans or the typical little black dress, a pair of black pumps is gold in terms of the combination. You will need to ensure that the heels are suitable for your gait and feet.

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Blazers and beige shoes: The color beige has gotten a bad reputation as a non-color and this makes people cringe at the mention of this color. But do think about how essential and useful a pair of beige shoes will come in when you have to wear a blazer that cannot be worn with your basic black pumps. For instance, a chocolate or brown blazer will look better with beige than with black.

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Tan suede shoes: Another soft and cute addition to the wardrobe which will come in handy when you wear any earthy colors or even red or faded blue jeans is the tan suede shoes. You will find that they have a faded richness and charm that will work in formal as well as casual occasions in a pinch.

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White shoes or sandals: When you want to wear that lovely and bright sundress with floral prints, you need something to lift the outfit and make it dazzle even more. A pair of white sandals will work with some floral outfits and also have your feet thank you as it feels and looks cool.

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Red strappy shoes: Every woman has to have those strappy and high heeled red shoes to make her feel magical and uplifted. But do ensure that you pick out the right shade of red based on the color of your skin and the color tone of your skin.

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Chunky and comfortable shoes: We all like to slum it sometime with a sneaker like shoe that makes you feel as if every step you take with that shoe is a blessing. For this you will need to invest in a nice and comfortable pair of chunky shoes in a funky color. Do make sure that you use it for dressing up and have a separate pair for working out.

We are sure that you will need to work on your wardrobe according to the shoe choices we have listed out. The thing is we are not talking about a huge number of shoes here and this means you can afford to invest in quality shoes in all these categories. It is entirely another matter that most women feel that we cannot have enough shoes.