20 Top Bag Trends For 2016

20 Top Bag Trends For 2016

Bags, bags everywhere and not a tag visible; doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? We are sure that we have your complete attention now and would like to launch on the top of bag trends for this year. We know that many of you are disappointed that this article is not about free bags (we wish) but once you get over your disappointment, we are sure that you would love to hear about the bags that are part of the current year’s trends. This way apart from learning about ways messenger bag can make you look more stylish, you can also find out what other bags you need to add to your bag collection. We are sure that you will agree that all of us girls would love to know about the latest trending chic bags that every girl should have.

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The one thing we have to tell you is that bag  trends come and they go but this does not mean that you put undue pressure on yourself to get all of them. In fact, the best way to go about ensuring that you have a smart collection of bags is to invest in a few solid classics that are so you and take care of them. You may always indulge in other purchases but do hang on to the classic and maintain them well. We ask you to do this because bag trends tend to go around in circles and what was popular in the past may make a reappearance in the future with a few tweaks. That is why look at the beautiful bag designs to purchase this year with care and discern if any of them are already there in your collection and then only make your buying decisions.

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The Images Given Here Will Have You Slobbering With Greed To Get All The Bags But We Hope You Will Be Able To Restrain Yourself. Apart From The Images, We Also Leave You With Some Thoughts On The Main Trends In Bags For The Year 2016.

Small mobile style bags: Since the mobile has become the mainstay of our lives, it is not surprising to see a bag trend based on this. A small elongated pouch like bag with a long handle to be slung on your shoulders to be carried around like this instead of in classic clutch style. Yes, it is the clutch kind of bag that has emerged in a new avatar.

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Top handle bags: No matter what the style of your bag is, the handle on the top is one of the new trends that has picked up in today’s fashion trends. So it can be a sharp bag with buckles and straps or a rounded bag with multiple colors or a simple slim square bag or for that matter any style of bag, but the handle on the top has become a major trend this season.

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Bucket type bags: The bucket type bags is the kind of bag that has gathers or pleats and does not have much shape taking on the shape of the contents inside. These too can take on many forms and could either be carried like the top handle bag or slung on the shoulders but the basics remain the same.

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Camera carry bags: These literally look like the camera bags of yore in which we used to carry our cameras. The size is on the smaller side and in some instances, you almost expect the person carrying it to take out one of those old fashioned cameras and start clicking.