The Interesting And Sensual World Of Spliced Dresses

The Interesting And Sensual World Of Spliced Dresses

Girls and women come in all shapes and sizes and this means by definition, fashion has to ensure that all these shapes and sizes are clothed and dressed attractively. We are sure that those who are into the fashion world as the creators or as the users, are very much up to the challenge of dressing women in all shapes, sizes, and looks. The proof is right there in the range of clothing choices that not only girls and women but also men and kids can enjoy. On the one hand you have the languid pleasure of sensational and sensual satin dresses to make you shimmer and on the other you have the rough but attractive chic of utilitarian denim.  And then you have the fun of adding curves to your figure by wearing an interesting spliced dress.

splicing dress 1

splicing dress 3

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The splice dress tends to have a clear cut across the dress at the waist area. This splice separates the top and the bottom and comes in very handy in creating the outline of a waist. You can add this feature when you want to look radiant in ruffled lace dresses worn the right way. It is not as if all of us can wear scintillating sheath dresses for that sensational look at all times.

splicing dress 7

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Here Are Some Reasons That Spliced Dresses Enjoy Such A Lot Of Popularity:

Splice adds spice: Some dresses become very dear to us because of the material and the prints on it. But they may lack a certain spice that will make you the cynosure of all eyes. If you are using the material to make a dress and feel that you need to add something sizzling to it or even if you are getting a readymade dress altered, then one of the ways to do it without having to add a sash or belt is by putting in a splice into it. This can be a subtle but definite step to ensure that your dress lacks no spice.

splicing dress 12

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Curve and verve: Some of us lament the fact that we are too curvy and some of us lament the exact opposite. Well, one of the ways (we are sure there are many) you can add curves to a dress is by introducing the splice factor. A simple dress can get a certain amount of verve and added curves (either minimizing it or adding to the curves) with the use of the splice. We are not saying that there is no thought involved in how to splice the dress, but once you do, you can see what difference it can make.

splicing dress 19

splicing dress 20

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Make it interesting: Some dresses can stand to have a spliced look but not in the conventional way. The cinching of the waist and the gentle curving of the hips is something that is considered quintessentially feminine that has been sought after over the years. This is something that women feel that they should have the wherewithal to add to any outfit and this comes from the spliced effect.

splicing dress 26

splicing dress 27

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splicing dress 29

Go curvelicious: We are aware that curvelicious is not actually a word but we thought it would be a fitting term to come up with when you want to combine a delicious look with abundance of curves. It can be a way of converting the bulges that you feel you have into curves and enjoy them.

splicing dress 30

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We are sure that you will enjoy looking at the examples of spliced dresses and the variants of it that are given here in the images. Do look at them and see how they work to pick out a style of your own.