Prim And Proper Pencil Dresses For The Fit You

Prim And Proper Pencil Dresses For The Fit You

We have said it often and we will reiterate here that the more choices you have when it comes to fashions, the better it will be for you. This is because we as women have many needs and moods when it comes to dressing which means the more we have to choose from the better off we are. What is more, the body types we have also vary and having more styles of dressing at our disposal does help. Today we are going to take a look at the pencil dress. As the name suggests, this form of dress is going to be narrow and straight being true to its namesake. Those who are devotees of this way of dressing would have worked really hard on their bodies (in terms of fitness) and would have known the ways to wear pencil skirts. The thing is the pencil skirt though really fitting and figure revealing is a skirt that is used for formal work suits that women wear to office for work.

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The pencil skirt would definitely feature among gorgeous skirt work outfits for office women that will make them feel sharp, smart and confident.  Speaking of sharp, the pencil dress does create an edgy feel and that is why this outfit would be among the edgy fashion ideas for women.

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As we said earlier, the pencil skirt taking a leaf from the skirt of the same name would have a narrow skirt and even the top portion of the dress  would also be narrow. So if you have any doubts about the way your waistline and tummy area being not so trim, then this dress is not for you. In the normal course of events, we would never suggest that certain outfits are not to be worn by women who are more generously  curved than others,  but the pencil dress comes with that warning. It is because the straight and fitting lines of the dress requires that you have a trim waist area in order to look good.

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If you feel that we are being too harsh, then all you need to do is look at the images and you will know what we mean and probably nod in agreement as you read this. With a clever designer at work, the waist area of this dress can be draped to be a bit more accommodating but this will only work to a certain extent.

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Another aspect of the pencil dress that you have noted is that if you want to wear this dress without a slit on the side or any other place, then the length of the dress has to be pretty short. It would be prudent to say that the pencil dress cannot be longer than just below the knee. Any more in length, it would not be possible for you to walk. As it is the shorter length pencil dress is not exactly the best thing to wear if you want to stride around.

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However, you will note that women have worn pencil dresses that are floor length but with a slit running in most instances on the side for ease of going about their daily chores. Designers have added an additional touch to this dress by ensuring that it is made of slightly stretchy  material enabling the dresses to move around.

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We had said that the pencil dress is to be worn only by women who have a trim waistline but there is  one exception to that. That is not to say that you need not have slim waist except that any small bulges can be camouflaged by a smart jacket that matches or contrasts with the dress.