20 Premium Fashion Tips to Know For Own Good

20 Premium Fashion Tips to Know For Own Good

When it comes to fashion and being fashionable, you have to admit it that all are not equal. There are those who seem to have flung on their clothing and scraped back their hair to look amazing and then there are those who spend hours on their looks and still don’t shine. This is because there are some important and premium fashion tips and tricks that you need to know in order to look chic at all times. It is not exactly tough but simply a matter of unlearning what you have learned till now and somehow stepping out of your comfort zone. There are many fashionable looks for any woman, if only she tweaks it to suit her personality and looks.

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As we said earlier, fashion can actually be easy for those who are in the know and are comfortable in their own skin. Then you can master these easy fashion outfits to always be in style. Even things that look retro like gloves and hats can work very well. In fact when you start thinking of gloves as a fashion accessory, you will love to glove it.

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Here Are Tips That You Will Be Happy To Have As They Are Indeed Premium Fashion Tips:

Premium Fashion Tips to Know For Own Good

Before applying makeup on your face and neck, rub these parts with an ice cube for about 10 minutes to make the skin firm and close the pores.

stretch jeans

Buy jeans that are a tad tight as denim tends to stretch when worn for a while.

Start by applying eye makeup on the side of the face you are not very comfortable with and then move on to the other side.

Do not combine bright lipstick with elaborate eye makeup; having one on  at one time will make your face look better.

Have a couple of stretchy tops to wear on those days you feel bloated.

v neck top

A v neck is great to add some shape and definition to your torso.

Invest in skin colored underwear without seams for those occasions when you wear clingy and tight clothes to avoid unseemly lines.

skin colored shoes

Wear nude colored shoes with heels to make your legs look longer.

Do not wear clothing that used to look good on you 10-15 years back. This will make you look older.

When purchasing tighter clothing, it is important to sit and see how it fits in order to avoid mishaps.

tight top

When wearing tight tops, slip a well-fitting tank top to ensure that the silhouette is smooth.

Emphasize the part of your body just below the bustlline to add some shape to your body if you are plus sized.

short skirrts

Avoid maxi length skirts if you are on the shorter side.

When you find a dress in a flattering style, then buy one or two of the same style in different colors. This will ensure that you have a fallback when you want to look your best.


If you are not in a mood to try on jeans in a shop, then wrap the waistline of the jeans around your neck and if the ends meet around the diameter, then they will fit you.

If your pants feel a bit too tight, then let them air dry and stretch the waistline by hand when they are still damp.

Keep changing the way you use your jewelry – for instance wearing a chain as a bracelet or using your earrings as a locket.

Don’t wear a garment as soon as it is ironed as this could cause more wrinkles. Waiting for five minutes will help you keep the garment crisper.

loose top

If you are not too confident of pulling off an outfit that is completely tight fitting go with one loose fitting and one tight.

Keep a quick fix kit for quick repairs on your dress or shoes in your bag.